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3 Easy Pork Dinner Ideas – Large Family Meal Prep For The Week

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Recipe, 3 Easy Pork Dinner Ideas   Large Family Meal Prep For The Week

3 Easy Pork Dinner Ideas Large Family Meal Prep For The Week 3 Easy Pork Dinner Ideas – Large Family Meal Prep For The Week 3 Meal The Recipe.

– Hey, guys, Jennifer here andwelcome to The Family Fudge.

Well, you guys, it'sthat time of year again.

All the summer activities are over, the kids are back in school and that means it's time for me to get back to my dinner routine.

In today's video, I'm goingto be sharing three easy and time saving meal ideasperfect for busy nights and I'd like to thankthe National Pork Board for sponsoring today's video.

Now, one of the ways I love to save time when it comes to making dinner is to cook up one big piece of meat and then use that meat indifferent dinners during the week.

Now, one of the things Ilove to use for these meals is pork because number one, it's so easy to changeup the flavor of the pork to suit the meal that you wanna make.

You can use differentseasonings, different marinades.

There's so many options and number two, pork isalso very budget friendly and it's a really great optionfor feeding a large crowd or to use in mealprepping and freezer meals and number three, it'ssuper easy to prepare without a lot of prep work.

For all of the dinnersI'm sharing in this video, you don't even really needa recipe to make them.

They're that easy.

Now, there are lots ofdifferent cuts of pork that you can use but todayI chose to use pork shoulder and this one is about four pounds which is a really good size for making several different meals.

The thing I like about this cut of meat is that it's super easyto put in your slow cooker or your electric pressure cooker.

Of course, with this piece of meat, you could go ahead andcut it into smaller pieces but you really don't have to.

Now, since I'm gonna beusing this one piece of meat to go into several different recipes, I wanna keep the seasoningskind of universal.

So I'm gonna be adding some garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper of course.

I'm gonna go ahead and mixall of my seasonings together and then rub it on theoutside of the pork.

This is gonna add so much awesome flavor.

Now, when it comes to cookingthis large piece of meat, there are two ways I like to do it.

The first being my trusty slow cooker.

I can just put the entirepiece of meat right in there.

I don't even have to cut it up.

I just cook it on low forabout eight to 10 hours and then the other that I'verecently fallen in love with is using my electric pressure cooker.

Of course, this makes mealprepping a lot faster.

I add about a cup of water.

You could also use applejuice if you prefer and then I just cook mine on Manual for about 60 to 75 minutes but really, you guys,when it comes down to it, no matter which way youchoose to cook your meat, the cooking time really depends on how big the piece of meat is.

Now, once this is completely done cooking, it should be nice and tenderand easy to pull apart and it's also really easyto remove any excess fat.

I definitely don't liketo keep that in there.

Now, once I have thiscompletely shredded up, I can either use it right away or sometimes what I'll do is portion it up into several different freezer bags and then stick it into the freezer.

That way I can quickly pull it out.

That way I can throw it intoa recipe whenever I need it.

It's super convenient.

Let's move on to threedifferent easy recipes that you can make with this meat.

First up, I'm gonna be making some delicious pulled pork sandwiches and I like to use a Hawaiianstyle barbecue sauce.

This has a little bit ofteriyaki flavor in there, also pineapple juice and ginger.

It is delicious.

So what I'm gonna do is mix about a pound of the shredded pork and I'm gonna add in thatHawaiian barbecue sauce then I like to add this meatto a lightly toasted bun.

Next, I add some lettuce, afew slices of purple onion, maybe one or two pineapple rings and then I top it all off with a little drizzleof extra barbecue sauce.

This one is such a delicious combination.

It's a little bit sweet,it's a little bit tangy.

This is definitely a kidfriendly meal as well.

Next up, I'm gonna bemaking a cheesy pork burrito with cilantro lime rice.

Now, I used to only get cilantro lime rice when I was eating out butI was so surprised to learn that it's actually reallyeasy to make at home especially if you have anelectronic pressure cooker.

Now, I do actually have a recipe on how I make this cilantro lime rice and I'll go ahead and put a link in the description box ifyou wanna check that out and another great tip for you guys.

Did you know that you can actually cook up a bunch of rice and then freeze it? That's right.

Just like you can freezethe fully cooked pork, you can also freeze fully cooked rice.

So I'm definitely makingextra cilantro lime rice.

I'll go ahead and put it into freezer bags then whenever I need it, I can just pull it out ofthe freezer, defrost it, heat it up and it will be ready to go.

So now I've assembled all of my favorite burritomaking ingredients.

Let's throw some together.

Now, for this, I like to usethe extra large tortillas.

I like to add some of that shredded pork, lots of cilantro limerice, lots of cheese, some black beans.

I also love to add somesalsa and then finally, I top it all off with alittle bit of sour cream and to give this extra flavor, I like to squeeze alittle bit of lime juice into the sour cream and thenadd a few dollops to my burrito and finally, one of myfavorite dinner options is a barbecue style pulled pork salad.

Now, sometimes I'll make justone individual bowl of salad or other times I'll makea huge family sized bowl.

So first, I'm gonna addmy favorite salad mix.

This comes with the lettuce, there's also carrots andsome cabbage in there then what I like to do is throw in some spinach leaves as well.

This is a great way to getyour kids to eat spinach if they don't think they like it is go ahead and mix it with the salad.

That works really well in my house and now it's time to add all of the delicioustoppings to this salad.

Of course, I'm gonna bestarting with the pulled pork and I did go ahead and mix this with a little bit of justplain barbecue sauce.

So on goes the pork and then I have lots ofother yummy toppings, things like thinly sliced onions, some shredded cheddar cheese, an avocado and check out this reallyfun avocado slicer, you guys.

I recently picked thisup at the grocery store.

Wasn't quite sure itwould work but it does.

It actually works pretty well.

I'm also adding some tomatoes and I'm opting for the cherry tomatoes so that those kids thatdon't like tomatoes can easily pick them out and then instead of usingcroutons on this salad, I thought it'd be really delicious to use some of thesecrispy onions instead.

Now, these are actually the type that you might put onyour green bean casserole at Thanksgiving but if you'venever tried them on a salad, you totally should,they are seriously good.

Now, for my salad dressing,I'm keeping it really simple.

I'm just gonna use equalparts ranch dressing and more of our favorite barbecue sauce.

I'm just gonna mix the two together.

It's super quick and easy andthe whole family loves it.

Okay, guys, I hope youlike these dinner ideas.

Give this video a big thumbs up if you'd like to see more videos like this and don't forget to hitthat red Subscribe button if you're new and remember, pork is simpleand convenient to prepare so make it part of your meal routine.

I wanna thank the National Pork Board for sponsoring today's video.

Visit pork.

Org/cooking to learn more.

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