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Easy Dinner Ideas for Tonight | Family Dinner Recipes

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Recipe, Easy Dinner Ideas for Tonight | Family Dinner Recipes

Easy Dinner Ideas for Tonight | Family Dinner Recipes Easy Dinner Ideas for Tonight | Family Dinner Recipes | Easy Family For.

– If you can't figure out whatto make for dinner tonight, you're in luck because today's video is all about helping you findsomething to make really fast.

I'm gonna share someamazing kid approved dinners you can find on thischannel and on my websites.

So make sure to check out thelinks right below this video.

Dinner at my house has three requirements.

It's gotta be made withfresh and real food, it has to come togethereasy and preferably fast and it has to be somethingthat most will eat without complaints.

Of course, it is easier saidthan done but after testing and eating my way throughsome amazing recipes and my cookbooks, I've curated the ultimatelist of family dinners that everyone is gonna love.

You've got pasta, skilletmeals, tacos, pizzas, stir fry.

There is something for everyone and you can read moreabout in the blog post which I've linked below the video but for now I'm gonna share a few recipes and give you a sneak peek.

Are you ready? First, I'm starting with apersonal family favorite, the American beef goulash.

I remember the first time I made this.

My husband and my kidscleaned their plates and asked for seconds which is not always the caseat my house and it is so easy.

Think of it as the real food version of that Hamburger Helper buta million times more delicious and better for you.

Next in line is the taco pizza.

It is an epic way to enjoy pizza night and put those tacoTuesday leftovers to use by the end of the week.

It is genius.

No matter how delicious tacos are, I always have leftover taco meat, pico de gallo and avocados.

Life is better with avocados for sure but instead of tossing the leftovers out, by Friday, I just throwthem all on a pizza, bake it and voila, amazing.

Our third meal is thebuffalo chicken quesadillas because I'm sure thatyou guys already know how I feel about my buffalochicken addiction by now but if you know me, I put itto use in every way possible and the slow cooker is myassistant in the kitchen for this and it only has two ingredients, chicken breast and buffalo sauce.

Now, once cooked, it is greatfor building multiple meals which is why I recommend youmake it on a busy weekday because you can knock outone or two or three dinners with one recipe and afteryou try these quesadillas, check out the buffalo chicken tacos or pizza or sliders or pasta.

I mean, you are just notgonna be disappointed.

Let's move on to my chicken teriyaki.

It's way better than takeout and faster but I bet you don't love the way takeout makes you feel afterwards so this teriyaki recipe is one that you definitely wanna make.

In it, I share my easyhomemade teriyaki sauce or you could use store-bought sauce and the chicken is stirfried instead of fried in oil so it's both fast and easy.

It is a simple solution to takeout night.

Check it out.

Number five is coming in hotwith this homemade nachos.

Another incredible ideafor taco night leftovers.

I mean, who can resistcrunchy tortilla chips loaded with all things taco? Not us.

My kids also love it 'cause they get to buildtheir own nacho plates and it's a great end of the week recipe when you have friends over.

Now, if you want pastanight, I've got you covered with this spaghetti carbonara recipe.

Can you just say bacon,Parmesan cheese, pasta? This is one of our favoritecomfort food meals.

It can double as a quick weeknight meal because it comes together fast with a few staple ingredients like pasta, Parmesan cheese, bacon and eggs.

All the good things.

And last but not least, one food my kids cannot live without, you guessed it, chickennuggets or chicken strips and this recipe, it isthe ultimate recipe.

Crunchy on the outside, perfectly juicy and cooked chicken inside.

It is the perfect idea to put that chicken breastfrom the freezer to use.

It is baked to golden brownand crispy perfection.

Check it out.

Now, if you like what you've seen so far, go check out the post for this video which I've linked below.

It includes all the recipes and then some to keep you covered on amazingdinner ideas for a while and while you're down there, make sure to click thatred Subscribe button.

A new video like this onecomes out every single week.

See you next time.

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