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[ENG SUB] 동글동글 귀여운 ‘모닝빵’ 만들기|Sweet Dinner Rolls Recipe [siZning]

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0 39 [ENG SUB] 동글동글 귀여운 ‘모닝빵’ 만들기|Sweet Dinner Rolls Recipe [siZning] 동글동글 만들기|Sweet 귀여운 Dinner.

First, put all the powder in the mixing bowl Mix it a little so that the powder mixes evenly Pour it in a bowl filled with powder First, start dough at low speed Scrape the unmixed powder with a scraper Mix it slowly until it becomes a lump Clean up the dough on the hook and the ball in between kneading I'll speed up a little bit and start dough again Put some butter in the dough Knead the dough until smooth You can get it done faster by scratching the dough middle kneading I'll check the gluten level of the finished dough Take a little bit off the dough then stretched it When elastic film is formed, it is finished Today's dough, it's good 🙂 Sprinkel the powder on the table Roll up the dough and make it round When the surface of the dough is cleaned up smoothly Take the first fermentation in the bowl Cover it with the wrap Please wait in the warm place until it grows twice Let's check if the fermentation is good When you stab your finger Pass it as it doesn't coming up I'll start to make a shape now Cut it long shape, before it divide Divide it 40g Let's make a round shape Sort out the big bubbles in the dough It's the process of making smooth surface of sweet dinner roll Stick the bottom surface firmly The most delicious freshly baked bread It is delicious just eat I ate it with the basil pesto at home You can have it with butter, jam, balsamic dressing, etc How do you eat? 'Sweet dinner roll' Delicious Eating Tips, Share with us:).

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