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Oats, Chia & Flax Seeds Weight Loss Recipe | Healthy Breakfast Ideas| Healthy Dinner for Weight Loss

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0 41 Oats, Chia & Flax Seeds Weight Loss Recipe | Healthy Breakfast Ideas| Healthy Dinner for Weight Loss Oats, Chia Dinner Recipe.

if you are new to this channel please subscribe press the red subscribe button after that press the bell icon to get timely updates Hello everyone, I'm Aditi & I welcome you to my youtube channel today I will tell you the proper way to eat oats for weight loss in a nutshell a healthy oats breakfast recipe it will help you to lose weight fast sometime ago I shared supply6 28 days weight loss meal plan which was to be taken for 28 days and in 28 days it would make you lose upto 10 kg in other words you will lose upto 2 kg a week this is Supply6 diet oats for weight loss in previous video I told you that I would share oats recipe so this one is the first oats recipe I would share with you.

if you haven't seen supply six 28 days meal plan then you can find it's link in the description box below.

so let's start the recipe we will put 3 tbsp 100% diet oats in a mixer grinder jar you may also use the scoop that comes with supply6 diet oats pack.

we can add other dry fruits to this mixture we can add other dry fruits as well like almonds 1 tsp chia seeds if you don't have chia seed then add basil seeds now we will crush this down to a powdered form this is the powder you have to make just see! this is just the right texture needed.

take 200 ml water we will pour this water in non stick pan we will ignite the gas stove we will keep the stove on low flame throughout recipe now add 180ml milk use low fat milk now add the powder we prepared earlier now properly mix the powder in milk with help of a whishker, so that no lump is left as you can see there is no lump now add 1 tsp flax seed powder this flax seed powder was prepared earlier you can also crush it along with the oats mixture in the very beginning you can also add whole oats if you wish to in that case only chia, flax and dry fruit powder is needed mix it properly with whisker Oats are quite healthy oats are basically complex carbs and dietary fibre, without any cholestrol oats are low glycemic index food and hence keeps blood sugar in check it also contains magnesium, phosphorous, selenium, iron, pottasium & calcium oats are really good for digestive system due to presence of dietary fibre so if you add oats as part of your daily breakfast you will become healthy bubbles are coming out of our oats breakfast this indicates our recipe has finally been prepared.

it takes less than 5 minutes to prepare this simple and tasty breakfast recipe if you are a student or working professional who doesn't have time for cooking this recipe is best for you.

you can quickly make it in morning and have a nutritious and healthy breakfast in no time.

you can have this weight loss recipe in dinner as well you can garnish it with various fruits i have used mango cubes, raisins, almonds and walnuts for garnishing you can add any other dry fruit of your choice for garnishing this oats, chia and flax seed recipe is a very healthy & filling breakfast option it will keep you satiated for long because it will digested slowly.

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