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SHEET PAN MEAL PREP- Delish One Pan Chicken & Veggie Dinner

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0 37 SHEET PAN MEAL PREP- Delish One Pan Chicken & Veggie Dinner Meal PREP SHEET Dinner.

Allison: "Want to meal prep a delicious Chickenand Veggie, sheet pan dinner? Watch this video to learn how.

" Allison: "Hey meal preppers.

It's Allison, Prep Dish founder.

I'm here to help you create a healthier, happiermeal time.

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Today's recipe combines two of my tricks forquick and healthy meals.

One is meal prep, and two is doing a sheetpan, one pan meal.

I rely on both of these methods in my mealplans I send out to thousands of subscribers each week.

My healthy sheet pan dinners are always ahit.

So first let's talk about the meal prep.

This just means prepping meals ahead of time.

I sometimes just do the chopping and savethat actual cooking for mealtime so to not eating leftovers every day.

But you can use this same method for makeahead meals.

You'll just do the cooking at the same timeas your meal prep.

" Allison: "So what ingredients can you mealprep? For sheet pan dinners I always like to chopmy veggies ahead of time.

This works great for most all vegetables,carrots, asparagus, sweet potatoes, zucchini, celery.

Really the only exception is white potatoes,although those can be chopped ahead of time as long as they're in water to avoid browning.

During your meal prep you can also mix upany sauces or seasonings that you plan to use with your meal.

Meal prepping already ensures a quick andeasy meal time, but doing a sheet pan meal prep, it takes the efficiency a step furtherby eliminating extra dishes at meal time.

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One pan recipes are the best, so now I wantto go over my tip for one pan meals.

" Allison: "The most important thing to keepin mind when baking everything on the same pan is sizing.

You want to make sure that everything bakesfor the same amount of time and at the same temperature.

You can manipulate this by chopping the veggiesto the appropriate size to match the cooking time of the protein.

In this case, I'm going to be chopping mysweet potatoes and broccoli so that they cook in the same amount of time as the chickenbreast that I'm using.

And of course all of my recipes already takethis into account for you.

So let's get started.

" Allison: "Today's recipe is a Chicken andVeggie sheet pan meal.

So here is how my sheet pan meal breaks down.

First you have your meal prep day.

This is where you're going to chop your veggies.

You're going to chop your sweet potato, andyour broccoli.

Now we're onto meal time.

So for meal time you're going to start bypreheating your oven.

Then you'll pull out your sheet pan and addparchment paper to avoid sticking.

Add your chicken and season.

Then add the pre-chopped broccoli and sweetpotatoes and then you'll bake and enjoy.

" Allison: "Enjoy your delish one pan Chickenand Veggie dinner.

Now you know two of my methods for quick andhealthy meals.

What's your favorite sheet pan meal combo? Let me know in the comments below.

And for more sheet pan recipes, see my linksbelow.

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It's a two week free trial if you want togive my meal plans a try.

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