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Special breakfast/dinner recipe(subtitles)|appam recipe|kadala curry recipe|Appam with kadala curry

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0 38 Special breakfast/dinner recipe(subtitles)|appam recipe|kadala curry recipe|Appam with kadala curry Recipe Breakfast/dinner Recipe|kadala Curry.

hi friends welcome to saranya kitchen Special breakfast/dinner recipe Appam with kadala curry Ingredients are 200 gms of raw rice 200gms of idli rice 50gm poha We can replace poha with handful of cooked rice Used this glass for measurement Wash the rice in water for 2 to 3 times Soak both the rice together for 5 to 6 hours in a bowl soak the poha in a seperate bowl Now its been soaking for 5 to 6 hours Lets begin the process of grinding When the rice starts to grind add in the poha Half cup of grated coconut The batter consistency should be not to watery or too thick,it should be medium consistency Trasnfer the batter to seperate vessel Add the required salt I am using the himalayan salt Allow to ferment for over night Next day morning The batter is well fermented Add half spoon of sugar To give golden colour Look at the batter consistency Heat the Appam pan Before we pour the batter make sure to simmer the stove After we pour the batter immediately rotate the pan Allow the batter to roatate all around the pan Immediately rotate the batter otherwise it might stick to one place It would't spread fully Now keep it in high flame close it with lid and cook for 2 minutes.

Now the super Appam is ready The appam has lot small holes in it.

Shows that the batter is well set for Appam.

Transfer it to the serving plate Appam has crispy outside and softer inside Reapeat the same steps for rest all Appam Its goes well with coconut milk Other option like kadala curry With Egg gravy Now lets begin preparing kadala curry Soak the black channa for overnight Taken 100gm of black channa Pressure cook for 5 whistle Along with little salt pressure cook the channa with water! Black channa is ready Move to a seperate bowl Heat oil in kadai Use the coconut oil.

It gives extra taste and flavor to the gravy Add the sliced 1 big onion Add the 1 inch ginger and 4 garlic pods Add the 2 slit green chilli Add the 2 medium sized tomato Add 2 tbsp sambar powder Instead of sambar powder you can use red chilli powder And coriander powder Add 1 tsp of garam masala 1/4 tsp turmeric powder Cook until the raw smell of masala goes switch off and cool completely One small tips to thicken the gravy without using coconut is Add the cooked black channa to mixie jar along with little water and grind it grinded masala is now ready In the same kadai Add 3 tsp of cold pressedd coconut oil When the oil is hot add the mustard Dry red chilli Little onion for seasoning washed curry leaves saute it Add the grounded masala Now add the cooked channa first filter out the water and add the black channa then add water consistency level must be like this Add the required Himalayan salt Close it with the lid and cook for 10 minutes After 10 minutes you can see the oil is separated out along the sides Now the yummy kadala curry is now ready to be served along with Appam,chapati,idli,dosa &more like share and comment dont forget to subscribe to saranya kitchenclick the bell iconhave a good day.

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