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– Hey friends! So, at the start of a new season, I want to help you makeeating healthy easier.

So in today's video I'm goingto show you how I meal prep.

Now, my meal prep process isprobably a little bit different than others because I focus on making the meals really delicious first, so thatI don't feel like I'm eating the same thing or the dishestaste all pretty much the same.

I'm also going to show you afew tips on how to save time during your meal prep.

To make it really easy, Ialso prepare a shopping lists including the recipes thatyou can download for free, and I will tell you how to download this at the end of the video.

We're going to start by making freezer-friendlycreamy mashed sweet potatoes.

You can either roast themor use an instant pot.

To bake, use a fork to pokethe sweet potato all over, and roast at 400 Fahrenheitfor about 50 minutes.

If you use the instant pot,place them over a trivet, and try not to over crowd it.

Add one cup of waterand press manual to cook for 20 to 25 minutes.

When they're done peel the skin and blend with a full fat coconut milkand season with salt to taste.

Now you probably will have a huge batch of mashed sweet potatoes.

I recommend that you freeze them in your silicone muffin tin pan, and store flat in freezer until solid.

I will show you how theyturn out so keep watching.

Now to save time, Ilike to use instant pot to help me meal prep.

While the pot is cooking,it frees up time in my hands so I can move on to the next item.

We're gonna make one ofmy reader's favorites, instant pot butter chicken.

Chop the garlic and shallotsand measure out the dry spices.

You can find a detailed cookingprocess in the video link.

In general, you will saute the aromatics add the spices, and then turn off the heat.

Add tomato sauce and coverit with chicken thighs.

Set manual and cook for10 minutes, and allow it to natural pressure release.

Once it's done, dice thechicken, add coconut cream, and puree the sauce until creamy smooth.

Wait until it is completelycool to the touch.

I recommend dividing theminto smaller portions so it's easier to defrost and repeat.

For the second protein meal, I want to prepare a stir fry dish.

So you have one creamyand soft butter chicken, and the other one is a hotand crisp sizzling stir fry.

Sometimes focus on preparing dishes with different textures will also help you prepare meal variety.

Let's tweetable! If you want to see a moredetailed cooking process of this dish, I includea link in the video.

In general, you willslice the chicken breasts, add coconut aminos, oliveoil, salt and pepper arrowroot starch and bitof baking soda to help tenderize the meat.

Mix well.

If you want to shorten themeal prep time and don't mind assembling themeals on the serving day, store the marinated chickenin large zip up bag.

Seal the bag, name and date it, lay it flat in the freezer so it will be easier to defrost later.

For this video purpose I amgoing to assemble a dish now.

Chop garlic and ginger and scallions, also prepare the stir fry sauce.

You also need to blanchyour broccoli florets, sear the chicken until golden brown, saute the aromatics, add broccoli, chicken and stir fry sauce.

Just toss everything togetherand this dish is ready.

(people clapping) For side salads and quick veggie stir fry this week I picked shreddedcabbage and baby bok choy.

In general select vegetablesthat store well in a fridge for next three to four days, if you don't plan on stopping by a store.

For example, zucchini,green beans, carrot, cabbage and broccoli,all have sturdy texture and they store well in a fridge.

I also like to add a box ofmixed greens and avocados they are perfect for a quick salad.

And you can easily serve themon the side with main dishes that we just made.

Just pair them with yourfavorite salad dressing.

When you're ready to eat, remember that mashed sweet potatoes we store in the muffin tins? Quickly reheat the butterchicken and mashed sweet potato, in the microwave.

Add a side salad and yourdinner will be ready in no time.

Wow! For the chicken andbroccoli, quickly reheat it either serve it with mashed sweet potatoes or serve it with the side ofa asian shredded cabbage slaw with chopped bok choy and a creamy sesame dressing.

I hope you find this mealprepping tutorial helpful.

All the meals are Paleo,Whole30 and Gluten free, most importantly they arepacked with tons of flavor.

And to make it really easy for you, I have prepared a PDF downloadsheet with shopping lists, step by step instructionsand meal prep tips.

I have put the link right below and above, make sure to download it for free.

Okay friends, I had alot of fun sharing my meal prep process with you.

If you liked this video give a thumbs up and leave a comment below.

My name is Chihyu Smithfrom I Heart Umami, now check out more of my videos here.

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