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58 Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets- You can see All here

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Are Grey Kitchen Cabinets A Good Idea?


These days, more and more homeowners are ditching traditional white or brown wood cabinetry in favor of rich grays in their kitchen. And it’s not a surprising trend because unlike some color schemes, gray offers the perfect balance of warmth and neutrality, working well in nearly any size kitchen.

Edgy and modern, that is what your kitchen going to look like with grey stained kitchen cabinet. gray is being hyped up to be the next go-to color for kitchen cabinets. Gray, like white, is a versatile color and is a neutral that can go towards cool or warm tones.

What color compliments gray cabinets?

Pair gray cabinets with warm colors and materials.

The key is to pair it with warm materials such as wood and with bold accent colors such as yellow, red or orange to squeeze out a bit of cheerfulness. Gray can appear austere and cold compared to other colors and in a room such as the kitchen which is supposed to be warm and inviting, using this tone can be tricky.

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