Tips How to easiest way paint kitchen cabinets using the Rust-Oleum

Painting kitchen cabinets and will be using the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations cabinet coding system and the reason why I chose to do this is because I did not want to sand.

We've been in this house for five years and this is what my cabinets look like now and I have stuff there on the bottom and I'm we're just going to get right to it so first of and I did this last night washed with soapy water the cabinets that are directly over the stove.

Because when you're cooking it leaves a film in the kit says you want to make sure that they're nice and clean so before you do the de-glossing step which is actually the first step you know it'll help.

Going to do a before and you know what normally I'll say this normally people mean they do advise you to do is take all your stuff out of the cabinets and started with that was like you know what I don't think so so this is what I 'm going to attempt to do this with things in my cabinet going to be very careful if I see that it's not going to work then but yeah we have stuff everywhere so anyways I'm going to see if I can do this the most time and cost efficient way so let's do it from here so this is the before.

Let me close these cabinets this is the before hopefully the after we look pretty good and so first off you want to clear space.

I've seen some people use the garage but it's entirely too hot here in Texas so I'm going to be doing the top cabinets I'm gonna be doing these in sections,