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An Introduction on Types of Hardwood Finish


For the people wanting to make their home look natural and beautiful, one of the best ways to get that appeal is by making use of hardwood flooring.

However, since the hardwood flooring requires some care to be taken for its long lasting, you may want to consider among the two main types of finishing, i.e. surface finish and penetrating finish to ensure that your floor remains free from wear and tear for a long time. In surface finish, either an oil based or a water based varnish is applied to the hardwood, and when it dries up, it forms a sort of protective layer over the flooring, thus keeping it away from the action.

Whereas, as the name suggests, in penetrating finish, the liquid penetrates into the wood instead of making a layer on top of the wood, and thus allows you to keep the flooring surface of wood instead of the protective surface as in the other case.

This makes the penetrating finish look and feel more natural as compared to the surface finish. However, before you make your decision on which sort of finishing you want to get, you may also want to consider the chances of kids or pets staining hardwood floors.

For instance, you can directly mop the floor and clean the stains on a wooden floor if some liquid gets spilt over a surface finish protected hardwood floor.Nevertheless, the wood will absorb the liquid in case of a penetrating finish and if the liquid is colored like red-wine, this may cause the floor to be stained if proper care is not taken immediately. But then, penetrating finish also allows you to sand down and refinish the hardwood floor if you want to.

Finally your choice of the hardwood floor finishing depends on whether you want a hardwood floor option that looks more natural and flexible, or one that looks slightly richer and is more durable.You can also leverage experience of the experts of the different hardwood finish and restoration service providing Companies in making your decision about which finish would bet better suited to your requirements. It is also very important to compare the prices and the services offered by the different hardwood floor retouching Companies in your region.You can then do more background research and check for reviews of the Company before finally zeroing down to one option.




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