Big Agnes Tumble 3 mtnGLO Backpacking Tent

With an impressive set of features at an affordable price, the Big Agnes Tumble 3 mtnGLO Tent offers reliable performance in the backcountry and it has even got its own built in lighting system This is a three season free standing tent so it is really easy to set up

As you can see, we have got the full coverage rain fly on the tent And by full cover-age I mean that the rain fly comes down over all the corners of the tent so you are completely protected from the elements It has got a lot of vents and it has got different ways that you can use the tent that offer a lot of breathability for the three season use The standout feature of this tent and an extremely interesting innovation is the mtnGLO lighting that is integrated inside the stitching of this tent This is a three person tent and you have got a line of LED lighting right across the top of this tent

This line of LED lighting is integrated inside of a very flexible cord So Big Agnes expects that you are going to take down the tent, roll it up, fold it up, set it back up So this is a very flexible, very durable line It is also very light weight So it doesn't add a whole lot of weight to the tent, but this feature adds a lot of innovation

You have got a light on the inside of the tent So this is not a super bright LED light It is not going to be as light or as bright as a headlamp, but it is definitely going to light the inside of your tent enough to see at night, to play cards, to look around in you backpack and that kind of thing and it adds just a really good ambiance inside of your tent There is an integrated pocket sewn in right above the door and that houses the on off switch So you have three settings

You have on, which is 100 percent You have 50 per-cent which gives a little bit less light and saves battery power And, obviously off This is connected with a USB cable so it is really easy to take on and off of there And the lights are powered by three triple A batteries

So also very lightweight and very packable There is also an on off switch on the side So as you are traveling with his tent, you can actually switch that off so it doesn’t turn on accidentally inside your pack or inside your luggage It is a really convenient feature and just very innovative set of lighting here Again, it doesn’t weight a lot

It is very flexible It is very durable So I don't see any durability issues there But if you would need to change the string of lighting it is very easy to just take those out and replace them We have taken the rain fly off the tent to have a look at the tent body and the pole structure

So starting with the poles you have got three aluminum light weight poles here so you have a lot of durability there It keeps the weight down There is two poles that cross over each other on the top It gives this tent a lot of stability And then you have one brow pole right here, which makes the interior of the tent, when you are sitting up in the tent, makes that space a lot roomier

So you have a lot more of a vertical side wall with the tent And these are a clip design, so you don’t have to fumble with sleeves, pushing the tent poles through sleeves You have a really easy clip construction there On the floor of the tent you have durable, but light weight polyester rip stop fabric And that is fully seam taped and waterproof

It protects the tent from ground water coming up through And you can also purchase a custom fit foot print separately to further protect the tent Up here you have more of a taffeta material It gives you a little bit more privacy And then above that you have got a really breathable mesh

So the mesh keeps the weight of the tent down, but it also allows warm air to escape It allows a breeze in-side the tent And then you do have some panels of taffeta up on the top of the tent just to give a little bit more protection and a little bit more privacy You have got two really wide open doors here, one on the front and one on the back And there is a convenient little tab that is sown in to the inside of the tent where you can just push back the door, so really easy in and out of the tent

We’ve got the door folded back here and you have got a lot of interior space This three person tent is 93 inches long, 73 inches wide So there is plenty of space for three back packers or campers to put their sleeping mats A normal sleeping mat is around 20 inches wide So you have got plenty of room there

You have got sprawling room for two campers if you just want a little bit more space And the interior height here is really nice as well So this brow pole that goes across gives you a lot of room above your head You can definitely spend time in this tent and not feel claustrophobic, time to play cards or if you get have nasty weather and you just need to hang out inside the tent There are plenty of pockets and storage and organization inside this tent There is a nice media pocket right here on the side It has got a pass through in the bottom of the pocket, so you could put headphones in there or any electronics that you want to have a cord passed through the bottom of the pocket

On the other side you have got a really nice open pocket and just throughout the tent plenty of places to store gear up off of the ground We have got the rain fly on the tent and, as you can see, it is a full coverage rain fly It gives you a lot of protection from the elements All of the corners of the tent are protect-ed by this rain fly And the material here is a durable yet light weight polyester rip stop fabric

It is completely waterproof and completely seam taped And you have two doors and two vestibules here So a vestibule here on the front, lots of space to store your gear And you also have one in the back If I need to, I can roll back this side of the door

I can roll back the other side as well So on warmer days, sunny days when you want a lot of cross ventilation you can roll back all of those doors and just have a nice breeze You also have two really big vents here on the tent, one back here on this side and it is really easy to open those up If you have really nasty weather and sideways wind or something like that, you can fold those down so that you have protection there Also you have a really nice storm flap in front of this zipper

So if you do have a nasty weather, it is going to be protected there And it is really easy to put the rain fly on the tent the correct way the first time every time They have color coded clips here So, as you can see there is a yellow one on one side and dark green on the other So you just have to match the colors up to the colors on the tent body and it makes it really simple

We have a nice day today, not a lot of wind or rain and so we don’t have this completely staked out But you do have guy out points here on this tent They are reflective guy out points so you can find them really easily with a flashlight or a headlamp at night And you can stake those out if you really need to batten everything down The Big Agnes Tumble 3 mtnGLO Tent, roomy interior, lots of pockets and organization on the inside

You have got the integrated lighting and the fully coverage rain fly offering complete protection in the backcountry

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