Bright Interior Inspirations for Comfortable Living Rooms

Living Room, Comfortable Living Rooms

Comfortable Living RoomsWhen designing a living room interior, there are various considerations to keep in mind. Comfort, without a doubt, should be an important thing to take into account when doing the job. Even so, the room should also be designed to be a truly welcoming one, no matter whether you use your living room also as a family room or not. Be it formal or casual living room interior, here are some of the most inspiring bright interior ideas to inspire you. Check them out!

Turquoise Window Shelf

Living Room, Turquoise Window Shelf.

In general, blue has the ability to build the cool and calming look, especially if you opt for the lighter shades, such as icy blue. In this formal blue inspired room where the sunlight enters through the tall glass windows, the choice of shade of blue is paired to bright white creates both calming and airy vibe. The choice of texture and pattern here boosts the comfort.

This tiny living room is another beautiful inspiration for blue interior color in a living room. The cool shade of blue chosen here is accented by white that showcases the beautiful detailing on the ceiling, bead board wall, and fireplace mantel, not to mention the lavish furniture that oozes nothing but comfort and elegance. We especially admire the way this living room adds shine to add more sense of luxury in the room, as shown on the fireplace decoration, wall sconces, and starburst mirror.

Despite the size, this small living room surely knows how to create a cozy sitting area. Rather than using large furniture pieces, this one prefers grouping a small sofa and a gorgeous armchair to recreate a vintage-inspired look. The calm ambience is beautifully adorned by bright and fresh pops of color decorating the space.

This is another reference to guide you on how to design a small but cozy living room. A small sofa is flanked by a pair of white-painted rattan chairs, one for each side, and paired to a rattan coffee table with mirrored top. The combination of sleek surface, bright and refreshing colors, and shiny accent here create a unique but appealing charm that will make you want to do nothing but plow yourself down into the sofa!

In this living room, the low ceiling may easily create the cramped and dark feel and look. Even so, with the right choice of paint color, you can see how this one deals with such a problem beautifully! Plus, the windows also help bring in the natural sunlight. With neutral and warm color scheme dominating the space, this one doesn’t forget to add bright accent colors to help boost the mood and look. The turquoise window shelf itself will steal any attention quickly!

The airy white interior in this modern living room here is wonderfully improved with the touch of sea inspired decorative accessories filling in the empty spaces on the recessed tall shelving units. As you can see, the display quickly turns into something similar to a gallery which color splashes also cheer up the space! We especially love the touch of natural element to emphasize the beach vibe in this airy room, aside from the fresh blue accents popping in this room.

Arranging furniture in a small living room is indeed challenging, and apparently it may be also as challenging in a large living room! Here, you may have noticed that a careless arrangement may result in a seating arrangement that is less intimate. In this spacious room, the seating is simply arranged surrounding the coffee table.

Open to a dining room, this living room design can easily cater to the needs for a seamless extension when you have to accommodate more people, such as when you’re hosting a house party. We especially love the choice of creamy and warm paint color, rather than stark white, which induces warmth as echoed by the gorgeous wooden flooring.

In this medi local living room, the Mediterranean-inspired style can be easily observed, thanks to the small wooden beams accenting the ceiling and unique door design that showcases a rounded shape. Regardless of the more modern furniture choice, the way the room layers textures here simply helps create a welcoming feel.

Turquoaise Feel Room

Living Room, Turquoaise Feel Room.

Tiny Living Room Beautiful Inspiration

Living Room, Tiny Living Room Beautiful Inspiration.

Piano Living Room

Living Room, Piano Living Room.

Open Space Living Room Ceiling Lighting

Living Room, Open Space Living Room Ceiling Lighting.


Living Room, Modern Living Room Sea Inspired.

Modern Living Room Sea Inspired

Living Room, Medi Local Living.

Medi Local Living

Living Room, Livingroom Design.

Livingroom Design


Living Room, Large Living Room Designed.

Large Living Room Designed

Living Room, Colorful Living Room Seating.

Colorful Living Room Seating

Living Room, Calm Designed Living Room.

Calm Designed Living Room


Living Room, Bright Colorful Living Room Idea.

Bright Colorful Living Room Idea

Living Room, Blue Tufted Ottoman Table.

Blue Tufted Ottoman Table

Living Room, Blue Pattern Inspired Room.

Blue Pattern Inspired Room


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