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Cactaki 32oz Water Bottle With Time Marker

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Introducing The Revolutionary Water Bottle With Time Marker By Cactaki!

Cactaki 32oz Water Bottle With Time Marker, BPA Free Water Bottle, Non-Toxic, Leakproof, Durable, For Fitness And Outdoor Enthusiasts

Now you can feel and look healthier and rejuvenated with the help of our innovative and robust water bottle. Designed with great attention to detail, our portable tumbler will allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks on-the-go! There’s no excuse for not drinking water anymore!

What are you waiting for?

Now you can drink the precise amount of water your body needs every day, thanks to an innovative timer marker in this 32 oz water bottle which doesn’t allow you to forget that it’s time for your next sip!

What this water bottle offers that others do not:

•Perfect Fit- the best place for something to be secure yet still accessible in a vehicle is the cup holder. Most, if not all, 32oz water bottles can not fit into a cup holder but this one does! That is a big deal for me because I drive a patrol vehicle all day and the only place to keep my water is in the door.

•Easy Open/Close- it only requires one hand to operate. That included pulling down the locking catch, pushing the button that releases the lid, and same goes for closing the lid and securing the latch.

•Every Drop Counts- this is something you will not find with other water bottles and that is a time marker. It comes in handy when you are trying to keep up with your daily water consumption. All you have to do is look at the back of the bottle and it tells you the recommended amount to have consumed at a certain period of the day.

•Infused Water- something I was not expecting the bottle to include a strainer. This is an amazing non intrusive little extra that makes drinking water that much better. Upon perchuse you will be sent a guide on different recipes to infuse water for a healthy drinking experience.

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