Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 – What Best For you ..?

Buying furniture often becomes a complex affair especially when it involves limited budget. Fortunately, the cheap living room sets under $500 are widely available in the market so it allows you to save money and decorate your living room beautifully. We all know how significant the living room set is for a living space. It is like the heart of the room. It doesn’t only provide functional benefit but also aesthetic benefit. With the right set, the living space becomes more alive, comfortable and sophisticated. But if you end up buying the wrong set, it will be disastrous. Therefore, it is important to find the right one that fits the existing living room interior design.

What can you get with $500 anyway? Well, you can get a lot like when you buy a $2000 living room set. The options are many from sectional sofa to love seat. Some sets are made from stainless steel for its base or frame while others are made from quality wood for the frame. Perhaps you cannot expect authentic leather for the sofa upholstery but there are many alternatives as good as the real leather. We have selected 5 best cheap living room sets under $500 you can consider buying.

1- Poundex F6903 Bobkona Windsor Sofa and Loveseat (Black)

Poundex F6903 Bobkona Windsor linen

How do you love sofa and loveseat set? When you come home finding this sofa set in the center of your living space, you will be feeling great thanks to its sophisticated yet simple design. Poundex itself was founded in 1989 and has been known as one of the world’s leading furniture company offering quality furniture at affordable prices. So, when they come up with this Bobkona Windsor sofa set, they simply add one more series among their most popular series.

This time, the Poundex offers linen-like cushioned fabric for the upholstery with light accent stitching and asymmetric tufting. These details make the sofa set looking so pretty and fabulous. Despite of the use of black as dominating color, the colorful details somehow make the set more vibrant. As a result, it can easily fit in various interior designs including classic and modern. The sofa set lets you to adorn the setting as well thanks to the 4 accent pillows. These pillows are pretty and are adding flair to the overall set. Yes, the pillows come in various colors to offer more vibrant appearance. They include light coffee, black, sand and grey pillow. These colors just beautifully match the dominating black color.

Just like other Poundex products, this sofa set comes with high standard for style, craftsmanship and value. It is no wonder that the sofa set appears so exclusive. Poundex also pays attention to the material. For this Bobkona Windsor sofa set, the materials used include fiber battings, foam, plastic leg, solid pine and plywood. All these materials offer great and quality products with long lifespan. Other features include tufted back and seat, twist one leg, tools included in the set, easy assembly and excellent beauty, strength and comfort. Since this set consists of sofa and loveseat, each of them comes with different dimension.

2- Casa Andrea Milano Sectional Sofa with Ottoman Style (Grey)

Case Andrea Milano 3-Piece Microfiber Faux Leather Sectional Sofa with Ottoman, Beige
Here is the second recommended cheap living room set under $500 that you can consider. Casa Andrea Milano is the company behind this excellent set. It features plush microfiber, sturdy hardwood frame, versatile three-piece design, faux leather upholstery and premium grade household accessory. This set easily fits to three people for comfortable seating. Moreover, it comes with additional ottoman sofa that is 38 inch big. On the right and left orientations, it comes with reversible chaise and special cushions that can be zippered, removed and washed using the machine. And yes, this set is very easy to assembly. To make sure that it can prevent dust build up, it comes with concealed underneath and premium hardware.

Meanwhile, its sectional sofa beds are also very practical, functional and comfortable that can easily fit in contemporary and traditional homes. Of course, they are durable and ideal for relaxing, lounging and entertaining. Being premium grade living set, it is not hard for the set to withstand years of use without any major issues. At least, it can stand 5 years in a row which attains the set a good reputation among the other sets with the same price.

Moreover, to give the sofa set more accent, it comes with accent ottoman and pillows. Yes, the pillows are gorgeous with beautiful details. This way, the overall sofa set looks just as great as more expensive sofa set. Meanwhile, the L/R configuration is the secret behind reversible chaise that works just great. Thanks to its soft microfiber fabric and quality faux leather that seating on the sofa feels great and comfortable. With easy assembly, you can assemble it yourself without having to hire professionals. So, you can save more money while decorating your dream living space so it appears perfect and gorgeous to make you and your family feeling comfortable being in it.

3- Poundex F7878 Bobkona Shelton Sofa and Loveseat Set (Espresso)

Poundex F7878 Bobkona Shelton Bonded Leather 2 Piece Sofa and Loveseat Set, Espresso

Get yourself used to the elegance of this beautiful 2-piece sofa set offered by the world’s leading furniture company, Poundex that has been around for almost 30 years. This time, Poundex offers a gorgeous living room set at very affordable price, less than $500. Most of the buyers feel satisfy and delighted with this sofa set that they decide to not buying another set within at least 5 years. Yes, it’s because the set is simply gorgeous and the perfect unit to be added into the living space. Like other Poundex products, this sofa set comes with excellent built and quality for longer lifespan.

What are the features of this 2-piece set anyway? Let’s start with the faux black and espresso leather for the upholstery. This results in modern and sophisticated combination which is often considered ideal for modern and contemporary-styled living room. Its appearance is made more gorgeous with the barrel styled back added with plush pillow and seat rest trimmed that is added with the nickel finished buttons. To give more accents to the overall appearance of the set, 4 accent pillows are added. The pillows are simply beautiful and looking nice when combined with the sofa set.

Check out the base and arm and you will notice the pretty nail head accent on both of them. Meanwhile, to give more comfort, seat cushion and loose back are made available. This time, the cushion is filled with innerspring and foam for super comfort. The twist on the leg on the other hand, gives both functional and aesthetic effect. Most of the customers have agreed that this piece of sofa set does look good and is decent for the price. Its size is also ideal for small and medium living space that most people have in their apartment.

4- Poundex F6904 Bobkona Windsor Sofa and Loveseat Unit (Light Coffee)

Poundex F6904 Bobkona Windsor Linen-Like 2 Piece Sofa and Loveseat Set, Light coffee

It seems never end for Poundex to bring out the quality sofa set for living room to fulfill the need and desire of the home owners. This time, Poundex puts their Bobkona Windsor Sofa and Loveseat in the market for their faithful customers. Just like most Poundex products, this sofa set is beautifully crafted in simplicity. It is easy to notice that each piece of the set is gorgeously upholstered in cushioned fabric that looks like linen. To give additional accents, the light accent stitching and asymmetric tufting are added. The light coffee is the dominating color of this sofa set which makes it ideal to be put in either traditional or modern contemporary house design.

When it comes to questioning the functionality of this sofa set, all the features and details should be taken into account. The twist on the leg for instance is one of the features that contribute to its excellent functionality and unique appearance. To improve the comfort while seating on the sofa, tufted back and seat is added. Meanwhile, to maintain the seam strength, beauty and wear ability, Poundex has carefully selected the upholstery fabric that has linen-like appearance through the eyes of their designers. As if those features are not enough, Poundex ensures that this sofa set requires a very easy assembly that even amateur can handle it. With the tools included in the package, no need to call the professional for assembly.

Considering the dimension of this sofa set, the small and medium living room is the ideal size to be decorated with this set. But if the living room is considerably big, this sofa set’s size is definitely too small. As 2-piece sofa set, it can actually be placed in several points in the living space. For instance, the loveseat is placed near the fireplace or window for personal space.

5- Bobkona Seattle 2-Piece Sofa and Loveseat in Microfiber (Chocolate)
Bobkona Seattle Microfiber Sofa and Loveseat 2-Piece Set in Chocolate Color

Here comes the last sofa set recommended to be added into the living space for beautiful interior design. This particular sofa set consists of sofa and loveseat. And, it is among the best and cheapest sets in the market. In case you want to use it separately, feel free to do it. For instance, put the loveseat onto bedroom or porch and put the sofa into the living room. What this sofa set offers is the opportunity to make the living room perfect and great. Its quality is maintained with the use of poly fiber that can give better finish and increase durability.

Included in this sofa set are 3 matching accent pillows. Yes, there are only 3 pillows instead of four. But they should be enough because usually loveseat doesn’t come with pillow. Just like the seat, pillows are also very comfy to use. Meanwhile, the use of poly fiber inner filling with high quality aims to improve the lifespan and comfort for the users. Other main features include right and left chaise structure that can be reversed and assembly parts.

Moreover, adjusting the cushions can be done easily because each of them is packed very neatly. To do it, simply pull out the cushions and place them in the right location as suggested in the manual book. To match this sofa set, your chocolate throw rug makes a perfect choice for beautiful complementary.

Summary …
With those 5 different choices of cheap living room sets under $500, it should be easier for you to find the right one. Each brand has its own pluses. The Poundex for instance is popular for its quality standard and excellent color. Meanwhile, Casa Andrea Milano is popular for its brilliant and gorgeous design especially when added into modern contemporary house. Consider the plus and minus of each sofa set while matching the set into the existing interior design. Only then you can get the best living room sets on budget.