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Cool – Easy & Cheap DIY Fall Room Decor Ideas



Hey everyone. I’m gonna show you how to make 10 easy Fall room decorations.
These decorations are simple and straightforward, but some people may never have these ideas cross their mind.

This first decor’s the only decor in the whole video that isn’t made from paper or cardboard. I just got some mini pumpkin buckets and painted the word “fall” on them. You can choose any word, but since I only had 4 buckets, I just went with the word fall. Then I put some mini battery operated candles in them. So at night, you have the option of turning them on.

This next one is probably the easiest.
I outlined and cut out some bats on black paper, then stuck them to my walls. Use either double-sided tape or sticky tack to stick them to your walls. Okay so this decor you don’t have to use cardboard like I did. If you want you can go out and buy wooden letters from the store.
But of course, I didn’t want to, so I just hand drew the letters onto some cardboard, which I highly don’t recommend. You should use stencils or an outline for that part.

Then paint the letters black or whatever color you want.
I also added some glitter but that’s totally optional.
When you’re done decorating your letters,use ribbon to tie the letters together.
I didn’t have any ribbon so I used streamers,which works perfectly fine too.
Cut out a donut shape from some cardboard.
This next part is optional but I made a mini banner for this wreath.
If you choose to make a banner too, just tape it on before you start the next step.
Then tie either streamer or ribbon around the entire donut.
Personally, I would just use streamer since it gives the wreath more of a puffy, voluminous look.
When you’ve made your way around the entire donut, give the streamers a little haircut so they’re not sticking out all over the place.
I only had one mason jar so that’s why I ‘m only making one.
But if you have more jars or clear containers,I’d recommend making more.
But yeah, fill the jars with fall colored tissue paper or steamers, and then place a battery operated candle in there.
Tissue paper would probably give this decora better look so try to use tissue paper if you can.
For this one you’ll need to go outside and get a random stick or something wooden like a chopstick.
I conveniently already had a stick that had a string attached to it so I didn’t have to worry about finding one.
Cut some leaves out of some colored paper,and attach them to strands of string.
Then attach these stands of strings to the stick.
This decor’s a feather looking banner.
Cut out some feather shapes from some paper and then cut tiny triangles on the edges of them to give them the feathery effect.
If you want, you can paint letters on them to spell out a word.
Then hole punches them in the top middle and attach them to string.
There are actually so many words to choose from for this decor.
Don’t limit yourself to 4 letter words likeI did, especially since this decor is super easy and simple.
Cut some triangle shapes from some fall colored paper.
Then you can use a black marker or paint to write your words.
I used paint since it gave it a better look.
Finally, punch two holes on the top of each piece and attach them to your string.
I made this leaf sign to put on my restroom door, but you can place yours anywhere.
And just like the other decor, you can find a wooden cutout at a store if you don’t wanna go through the process of cutting the cardboard.
Decorate your leaf, however, you want.
Add words, initials, paint, glitter, basically whatever you want.
Since I made my sign out of cardboard, I just taped the string to the back.
If you’re using heavier material like an actual wooden cutout, I would recommend using some really strong tape and glue to attach the string.
Alright, so this last one is kinda weird and didn’t turn out the way I thought it would.
Get a brown paper bag and cut the top half of the bag into tiny sections to give it a fringe look.
Then open up the bag and twist the very bottom.
When you’re done, twist the little fringes give them a branch looking effect.
Use ribbon or streamer or whatever you want to tie on some leaves on your branches.
Then, trim off the excess pieces of the leaves.
Now you can place this cute mini tree on your desk or table.
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