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Diy Candyland Decorations

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If you love lollipops you’ll love, these colorful little ornaments take a look they’re even packaged in plastic to look like real suckers so what you need to make these lollipops are some colorful yarn in whatever colors you want we’re using orange and pink you also need some white.

 Then you’ll need some all-purpose glue a can scissors a ruler pencil some straight pins some cookie sticks ribbon some cellophane bags and a piece of white craft film and you’ll also need a foam board so the first thing we’re going to do is cut our foam disc and to do this you’re going to want to have a can and remove both sides, you may need an adult to help you with this because cans lids on cans are really sharp .

So what you’ll do is just push this through and use it just like you would a cookie cutter so you’ll just keep pushing until you get to the bottom and then just pop it out and i’ve got one ready right here .

 Once you get it out it may have some rough edges so just roll it on the edge of the table and that will smooth out all your sides .

 The next thing you’ll want to do is put a felt edge onto the disc and to do that you’re just going to measure one inch down the side of your felt in a couple different spots and then draw a line lining up both of those pencil marks.

We’ve got a nice even 1 inch strip and then you’re going to cut that out with scissors and i’ve got one ready to go right here .

 Next we’ll need our all-purpose glue and you’re just going to wrap.

 Wrap a nice line of glue all the way around and then you can adhere your white felt to the edge and then when you come to the end you’re going to just trim it so it’s nice and flush .

Then use a pencil in between the seam put some more glue in and put your cookie stick and this is just the start of our lollipop .

 Now let’s add some swirls so i’ve gone ahead and knotted the end of my yarn and what you’re going to do is start in the center of the lollipop and put a touch of glue .

 I’m going to trim the end of the yarn so it’s not fuzzy actually let’s start with pink .

I’ve also knotted that one so you’re just going to put this like so and this is where our pins come in handy.

  You can drop that down like so and then put your other color on this side .

 And another pin right through the knot and then you can put some glue around and you could even use a paintbrush to spread this out a little bit .

 But now all you’re going to do is start twirling these pieces of yarn around each other, and you can press it in place as you go you could even use more pins to hold it in place if you need to but that glue comes up around the sides .

 Don’t worry because it will dry clear you know add some more glue and then you just keep spidering it around as you go and a nice coil until you come to the end and then just keep going and then you can tie it off and another knot at the end add a little bit of glue to make sure it doesn’t come undone and you’ll have something like this.

Then when you’re finished you’ll end up putting the entire sucker and a bag like this slide it over your lollipop let’s just turn this over so you can see we’re going to trim my yarn and then you’ll just slide this in your plastic bag and seal up the ends with a piece of ribbon and tie it like a in a bow just like you do your shoes but it’s definitely a super-sweet lollipop.

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