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Drawing Hairstyle Tutorial

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Drawing hair is not an easy job, because every hairline detail you see is different from what you know. The slain that draws hair doesn’t just make lines, because it’s not the line we see actually.
But what we see we have to simplify into lines and patterns.

Drawing Hairstyles Step by Step

step by step tutorial drawing hair is easier to understand if the tutorial is via video rather than through drawing but if you want to imitate then you have to pause the video so the image stops and you can mimic the details of the hair image.

Drawing Hairstyles Male

Sketched jaw-shaped square head for a man, complete with basic facial features and mapped hairline. Using a series of short, straight lines and slightly curved lines, map the short style with hair ending at the top of the ear. Make sure the short lines follow the hair grain. Add shading for depth and shine.

How to drawing hairstyles actress male
How to drawing hairstyles actress male


Drawing Hairstyles Female Step By Step

How To Draw Female Hairstyle 

Step 1: Start with the base of the head.
Step 2: Draw the hairline as shown
Step 3: Starting at the hairline, draw short straight bangs in the middle, with long strands of hair at the sides of the head.
Step 4: Round off the back of the hairstyle.
Step 5: Create two space buns at the back sides of the head. Make sure the left side is bigger than the right to show an angled dimension.

Step by step How To Draw Female Hairstyle
image :


How to Draw Hair Anime

Let’s see how to use this method in practice to draw straight anime hair step by step!
Draw the “helmet” to mark the distance from the head.
Draw the basic shape of the hairstyle.
Draw the bangs.
Draw the inner outline of the hairstyle now.
Draw some secondary rhythm lines inside the main outline.

Drawing Hairstyles Bun

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