Embracing the Wooden Ceiling Beams in Living Room for Distinct Beauty

The appeal of wooden ceiling beams will never get out of style. Even in a more modern space, they can always add a touch of warmth and distinct aesthetics.

In a rustic or farmhouse interior design style, wooden ceiling beams can easily make the most prominent design element that complements the space. Even so, apparently the beauty of ceiling beams is not exclusively for a rustic room. Even if your home interior is leaning towards a more modern one, the touch of natural element with a charming warm feel and look from wooden beams can also make a wonderful addition to improve your space aesthetically.

Living room beams decor

This wonderful open living area surely knows how to allow the house’s original wooden structure stand out. The wooden beams are still adorning the ceiling, but they are enhanced by the choice of recessed ceiling lights that will also show off the beauty of the wood element throughout the space with its warm golden glow.

Meanwhile, in this beautiful living room that oozes the charming appeal of antiqueness, the horizontal wooden beams decor is matched by the choice of antique wooden cabinet and flooring. You can also see the gorgeous pair of dark brown leather armchairs that echo the color, in addition to the beautiful ceiling light fixture that screams the old look brilliantly.

Frame decor beams

You can also use the wooden beams to accentuate the shape of the ceiling in your living room. Here, the beams follow the shape of the pitched ceiling that also gives a sense of a more spacious and airier feel in this room, thanks to the extra height it adds.

The dark wooden color is paired with the creamy white paint color for the wall, thus keeping both brightness and warmth in a perfect balance. Aside from the beams that frame the ceiling, we also love the shape of windows and doors that echoes the ceiling height in this room.

Beams living room design

Even so, if your living room has a lower ceiling, apparently wooden beams can still make a wonderful touch to complement the space. In this living room design, the beams in fact add a sense of comfort in this airy room while following the interior decorating style where natural element makes an important highlight.

Sliving room horizontal

This beautiful living room interior is also a beautiful reference to show you how to add horizontal wooden beams despite the low ceiling. Here, you can see how the thickness of each beam highly matters. Plus, the way the wooden texture is echoed throughout the space with the soft touch of blue accent is also truly attractive, isn’t it? There’s a sense of both comfort and serenity in this lovely living room, making it an ideal retreat to spend your free time with your family.

Living room beams

The beams in this airy modern living room with a dining room adjacent help accentuate the shape of the roof. In addition to that, it is easy to see how great the effect the beams create as the wooden element induces a touch of warmth in this airy space. As we all know, wood is always a highly versatile material ideal in any interior design style and this modern open space proves it brilliantly.

Bems decor

In this small but airy sitting area, the beams are installed horizontally instead of following the shape of the ceiling. This creates a distinct visual illusion which is made even more beautiful with the light bulbs recessed into each beam. With beams only, the ceiling thus may look even more amazing, right?

House beams

We all know how beautiful the wooden beams are. Even so, it doesn’t mean you cannot make them even more attractive, especially during the holiday seasons! Here, the beams make a perfect place to hang the large shiny red baubles to deliver the Christmas spirit throughout the room!

Concrete beams

Meanwhile, in this modern living room where concrete, glass, and metal make the most prominent material, the presence of wooden beams add a distinct aesthetics to boost its appearance. Unlike the typical wooden beams that flaunt the more rustic appeal, the ones here are cleaner and sleeker, thus echoing the simplicity of modern interior theme more perfectly.