Stunning Fireplace Decoration in Living Room for Attention Stealer

Fireplace is always an attractive design element that will turn into a focal point by nature. It doesn’t mean you cannot decorate one in your room.

When it comes to focal point in a room, there are so many design elements that can serve as one. Fireplace is likely the most common and popular example, which is not surprising to know that considering how it can always boost comfort in your room while providing an attractive touch to boost the appearance. Even so, it doesn’t mean you should leave a fireplace in the room the way it is. Rather, what about decorating your fireplace to make it look even more attractive? Look at the ideas of fireplace decoration below and get inspired!

Modern fireplace design in an open living area here will also make a great example to show you that a double-sided fireplace can also serve as a space partition. This modern living room space to stand out gorgeously is the recessed ceiling lights. The soft, warm glow illuminating the surface exposes the texture of the stone accent wall,  the choice of blue tiles to surround this fixture apparently makes a significant difference.

On the other hand, Considering the layout of this seating area, you can see that the choice of corner fireplace makes an ideal one as it can thus deliver the warmth throughout the space without obstructing the view. You can also see how tiling your fireplace surround can always make a significant difference in this beautiful modern fireplace design.