How to Decor Bedroom Walls with a Grey Color Theme

A bedroom with a gray color theme, gray is a color of calm, neutral colors and colors of peace. a place of rest is certainly a place of calm calm and peace.
This is very closely related to the color gray,

If you want to rest or sleep at night with calm, then the right color choice is to choose the color gray.
Mix Black White and Grey to make beauty bedroom decor

There are some things that need to be considered in decorating a bedroom in gray.

Of course it is not possible for all sides and accessories to be full of gray, if this happens it will certainly be very boring, it is necessary to add or mix the right colors so that your space becomes more interactive and far more interesting than just filled with one color gray.

You can add a room door with white color so that there is a bright translucent in your room. Or also with wooden beds with black or brown colors so that the room becomes more elegant.

Adding living plants in your sleeping room certainly makes the room more natural and refreshes the brain or mind, because when the eyes glare green it will certainly refresh your mind.

Adding tables and lamps on both sides of the bed also make room decoration much more beautiful, you can put telephone, light reading books as a guide to sleep and add [knowledge and insight.

You can also embellish your photos with friends or friends, family or even with frames with artistic images, calligraphy drawings, famous and artist figures, or the image of your dream car.