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Hario VD-01W V60 Coffee Dripper, Size 01, White

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Hario VD-01W V60 Coffee Dripper, Size 01, White

Sturdy, lightweight pour-over coffeemaker, perfect for travel
Manual brewing method allows you to choose your ideal brew time and temperature, ensuring a perfect cup of coffee
Coffee flows through the cone directly into your cup or coffee pot
The V60 coffee dripper controls the flow, timing and temperature of the water
Professional Experience. Size 01: 1-2 cups, Size 02: 1-4 cups, Size 03: 1-6 cups

Hario V60 Coffee Dripper 02 Ceramic White VDC-02W
The V60 dripper, also called cup dripper or dripper mug is probably the best coffee dripper out there. The king of glass Hario has been manufacturing glassware since early 20th century and V60 set-up is one of their most popular brewing inventions. The bigger V60 02 size is preferred by cafes and baristas to brew 1 to 6 cups (depending on your cup size). The Hario V60 drippers retain the heat much better than a regular fan dripper. The Hario coffee dripper produces more extraction than the flannel filter and is delivered to you in a well packaged box with a Free measuring spoon.

V60 Dripper Design:

V60 Coffee Dripper Shape, Ridges and Large Hole have been designed very precisely for optimum extraction. The ‘geeks’ out there will indulge with science-like precision applied to grind coarseness, weights, pour-rate, timing, etc, etc – all striving towards the ‘perfect’ cup. Whilst all of those elements definitely play a part, at the other extreme, it’s very simple and easy to make a wonderful cup of coffee with a few pounds investment in a V60 dripper and some filter papers, using an ordinary kettle and a coffee server. The degree of ‘geekiness’ is up to you. Try a V60 dripper and decide for yourself.

V60 name comes from its design. The cone is V shaped and at 60 degrees angle. According to Hario research this is the optimal way to hand brew coffee. The V60 dripper has a single large hole, which allows you to determine the flavour of the ground coffee by adjusting the water flow. The Hario dripper has spiral ribs that maximise the expansion of the coffee by enabling air to escape while brewing.

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