Home Improvement- Exterior Interior Rearange Decoration Tips

Homemade Decoration Ideas for Living room: Want to remodel the house? Every homeowner always wants to improve the look of the house for the better every day. This happens because there is already a sense of saturation with the position of the living room, paint color, or garden outside the house.
Usually the cost is always a worrying thing, fear if there is a cost swelling and requires a very large cost.
Actually do not have to worry about the big cost; you can start to remodel your home from a very light cost and from small things.

Make The House Look New and Eye-Catching.

Determine which parts is priority tone for repair, interior or exterior, this is necessary so you will not be confused and will focus on jobs and financing.

Exterior plan

If the exterior of your house is your priority you can start by repainting the wall with a new color to look different from before, if you like minimalist paint is usually very precise color gray, but you can choose the color according to taste.
For those who own the garden, you can also make the garden more ideal by cutting the grass that is not regular growth. But for those who do not have a garden you can tidy up the front yard of the house and the path by adding a pot of beautiful flower pots.

Interior Decoration

If the interior that will be your consent, in our opinion the most important to be reset is guest room or family room, why? Because space is the space for you and your family to gather, mingle and joke with them.
If this space is beautiful and pretty kids would definitely love to play, share stories with you …
Here is his tips.

1.Focus the color.

As with the exterior, for the first interior you can do give new paint color on your wall, if this room is common to gather with family while your child is still small, you can choose a bright paint by giving the wallpaper with the accent of movie star characters posters of their idol artists, or can be with your child’s favorite soccer club logo, their idol football posters, if your son is a boy.

Different if your child use cartoon poster cartoon animated film like frozen, Barbie and others.

2. Lighting

Brightness of the room needs to be the next attention, that is by giving sufficient lighting so that when it is playing does not feel dim not too bright, to save electricity costs you can use LED lights are cheaper load.

3. Rearrange the Furniture Position.

Furnishings and furniture in the guest room should always be cleaned to maintain the tidiness, reset the room to get a different feeling, for example by shifting the position of furniture set, or a different tv table than before.

4. Floor.

The floor should be something you should consider when rearranging for your living room. If you usually sit on the floor while enjoying time with your family, you can use the carpet as a base. But if you do not want to use the carpet, maybe it’s time you replace your ceramic floor of the old into new ceramics, so that the floor looks more luminous.

5. Complementary.

Placing new pillows on he couch, adding new curtains, new lights or even new televisions, all can make your living room look fresh and new. This is not a big change, but if you combine it with floors, paintings or new furniture, it really can make a difference.

This is also an improvement that can be made over time, allowing you to spread out your budget and slowly improve the look and feel of your living room.