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Light Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

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Try bright white tiles or black ones with wide grout lines. Go bold with cornflower blue or sunflower yellow. The idea here is not to blend with the cherry cabinets, but to make them stand out in contrast. Throw out your preconceptions of warm and cool colors when using this approach.

Wood cabinets that are a natural red-colored cherry, your best with yellow or gold granite countertops Whether you have a light or a bolder shade of red in your cherry cabinets, Neutral yellows are a perfect complement to light and even bold shades of red, adding the right amount of contrast.

Whites with warm undertones, such as creams or light tans, work well with cherry cabinets. If you need a bit more color, go for pastels with cool undertones, such as pale gray or light blue. The lighter, cooler undertones pick up the lighter shades in the grain of your cabinets, which brightens the wood.

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