Most fave milk paint on kitchen cabinets Ideas, photo, design

What we're gonna do today is we actually have an oak door over here and we're gonna show you the same way that we created that finish with that painted on Java and all I did was I just lightly sanded the existing finish on the door, and then I took a 50/50 blend of denatured alcohol and water, wiped the door clean so I have good contact -- that's really important and then all I'm going to do is just take my Dark Chocolate Milk Paint I'm gonna use the foam brush I'm just going to paint right over an existing finish here.

What's really nice about this product as an alternative, is this product will dry in one to two hours, which allows you to be able to do your project on a short weekend. You could start on a Friday or Saturday and be done by Sunday with your finishing project. The Milk Paints dry fast, they're odorless, they really have a wonderful flow and level to them -- so they're very easy to apply.

You don't have to be a Da Vinci to figure this one out! I'm just gonna paint on a nice, even, coat. And again, I'm just using the Poly Foam brush. They're just really easy to work with on the water based products. You can take them to your sink and wash them out, and you can use the same brush for a couple of coats.

You can see how quickly I'm covering up that oak grain.

Just make sure you get all the edges. Now, just because this is the first coat going down, I'm going to come back and sand it again and put a second application on. What's nice about that is, you can always come back and fix any areas that you missed, or do your minor repairs.

You don't have to be a perfectionist here! I'm just going to use a real inexpensive little chip brush.That gets into the corners to drag out that paint in the heavy corners.