Marmot Carbide 2P Backpacking Tent

The Marmot Carbide Two Person Tent is a great camping or back packing tent with simple features, a really easy set up and some innovations that provide a lot more interior space and livability The standout feature of this tent is an innovation that Marmot has put into the pole construction

So on each of the corners of the tent there are pre bent knees in the poles They also have a clip construction and the clips are really easy to use Once you have this tent set up, you just use those clips You don’t have to fumble with sleeves or anything like that And the clips are in very specific locations that allow maximum livability inside the tent

So there is a clip right where that bent knee is And if you think about a normal A frame style tent, the corners of the tent are virtually useless, because the corners go in at a really steep angle But with this tent the pre bent knees make that angle a lot more up-right and boxy And so you can definitely use those spaces in the tent So it is a small feature, but it makes a big difference inside

This is a free standing tent, so Marmot makes it really easy to set up You have got durable, aluminum Velocity HD poles So these poles are going to last a long time And the poles are actually color coded So you have got two cross poles that go over the top of the tent

Those are more traditional style poles So you match orange with orange and grey with grey You also have a brow pole right here And this is a shorter pole and it just brings the side walls of the tent up to be a little more vertical So you have a lot more livability inside the tent

The materials in the tent are both lightweight and durable On the floor you have 68 D polyester floor It is completely seam taped and waterproof And up here you have some taffeta material This provides a little bit more privacy

On the front of the tent it is lower, but towards the back of the tent the taffeta material comes up a little bit higher And then above that for breathability you have really nice mesh You have one really big D shaped door here and something I like about the zippers, you have jingle free zippers So if you have got that zipped up at night and it is windy or any-thing, you are not going to hear those It is not going to wake you up at night

You can toggle this D shaped door and so I have just rolled it back just to show the size of that door So really easy access in and out of the tent This is a two person tent and the floor dimensions here it is 87 inches long, 55 inches wide and you have a peak height of 43 inches So you definitely have enough room for two campers or backpackers A standard sleeping mat is around 20 inches wide

So you have definitely got enough room for two people in there If you were just one person and you want sprawling room this would also work as a one person camping tent If I come inside the tent, you have got some pockets in here as well I have got a pocket right here on one side of the door There are some points up here where you can hang gear, another pocket here on the other side

And just the livability inside this tent is really good for the weight Like I said, you have got some privacy on this side with the taffeta material This is a three season tent, so with all this mesh it is very breathable But in the coldest of temperatures it probably won’t perform as well We have got the rain fly on the tent

This is the front door so you have got the vestibule in the front And Marmot uses their color coded clip construction here with this tent What I always do when I put the rain fly on the tent, I look for the two red tabs in the front to line those up with the red tabs on the front of the tent You can orient the rain fly correctly the first time every time The material here is a 68 D polyester taffeta material

It has got a lot of durability there And here on the front, this is a front vestibule You don’t have a vestibule on the back, because this is a one door tent But you have got lots of room here in the front And one thing I really like about the vestibule here is you can roll back both sides of the vestibule

So if I just wanted access in and out of the tent, I could unzip this, roll back this side and just toggle it back If you want a lot of ventilation with the tent, you have a nice day like today, you can roll back both sides and have more ventilation there Speaking of ventilation, you have got a nice vent here in the front If you need more ventilation here and you you know, it is raining, but you don’t have a heavy rain, this is a two way zipper So you can vent here with this part of the tent If you need to, you can zip that up And you can access this vent from the inside of the tent

So if you need to batten everything down, you can undo that and fold down that flap On the other side of the tent it is not a full coverage rain fly, meaning that the rain fly on the back side of the tent goes half way You can stake out that point on the back and it provides a lot of protection from the elements So if you are in some really nasty weather, if you have got wind, maybe coming sideways and that kind of thing, this might not be the option for you, but this is going to be the perfect camping tent for three seasons It is a back packable option as well if you can split the weight between two back packers

You have also got some guy out points on the rain fly And you don’t have any wind to-day It is a nice sunny day So I don’t have this staked out But you have got reflective guy out points

There is four of those on the tent And there is other guy out points on the tent that Marmot doesn’t include the stakes and lines for every single point on the tent, but they do give enough to stake out the tent really well So if you do think you are going to need to use all of those points, I suggest bringing some extra stakes and some extra lines I have got one side of the vestibule rolled back just to show the size in here You certainly have enough room for two campers and gear

And there is a little over nine square feet in this vestibule in the front So lots of coverage there And overall this is just a really simple, easy to set up tent, no frills performance It is going to offer a lot of reliable protection in the backcountry at a budget friendly price It is the Marmot Carbide 2P Tent

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