Marmot Force 2P 3-Season Backpacking Tent

Ultra lightweight, spacious and easy to set up, the Marmot Force Two Person Tent is perfect for one or two backpackers that are looking for an ultra light, compact option in a free standing, very easy to set up tent We are going to take a look at all the features and talk about what makes the Marmot Force so special

This is a free standing design And you have got a really interesting pole construction here So Marmot uses a little bit different configuration than I have seen on typical free standing tents They have got a big pole on either side of the tent So you have really nice space at the head and at your feet

So these round poles right here are going to bring that interior space up and kind of out of your way So, as opposed to like an A frame style tent where you don’t have a lot of room up here in your head, as you are sitting up in the tent, this offers a lot of space at your head and at your feet In addition to that, they have a really big brow pole that goes out past the ends of the tent and so that just gives more space around your head and around your feet So as you are laying in your tent, if you have your feet up, they are not going to be hitting the side walls and bringing that condensation into the tent This pole right here, perpendicular to the brow pole, brings the side wall here up a lot more vertical

So you have more of a box shape with his tent So just a lot of livability inside the tent for an ultra light back packing tent And a special thing about this pitch construction, if you purchase a footprint separately it does a footprint is not included here, but you can use a fast pitch or a lightweight pitch set up where you just use the footprint staked out on to the ground instead of the poles and the rain fly and leave the tent body behind The fabrics here on the tent are very lightweight, but also durable On the floor it is a 30 D waterproof fabric And you have got durability there, but also very lightweight Up here sort of a bathtub style floor, so you have a little bit of protection that comes up into the tent body

And with that there is a cantenary cut, so they bring this seam up off of the ground So that is intentional You want that seam up off the ground so it doesn’t bring water in, but it is seam taped This is a 30 D nylon rip stop fabric, so durable, durable fabric there And then here in the tent body just very light weight mesh

This keeps the weight of the tent down as well This offers a lot of breathability in warmer conditions The poles themselves are DAC NLF aluminum poles They are very lightweight Since they are aluminum they are durable as well

They pack down to be pretty small, so this also is a pretty small pack size for the tent There are two doors, one on either side So you have the convenience of entering and exiting from the other side And on tents like this, I usually use one door as kind of a back door and a front door as the entry and exit doors So really convenient there

They are really wide D shaped doors And you can roll back both doors with a really easy toggle The space inside this tent, like I said earlier, is very spacious So a lot of room up here at the head With this long pole that reaches out all the way past the end of the tent, past the end of the tent at your foot as well, you have got lots of interior space here

So for an ultra light weight tent, for two back packers, I can definitely see two people comfortably fitting in this tent with your standard 20 inch wide sleeping pads There are pockets and organization inside the tent Both campers or both backpackers have a pocket right on either side There is a nice little diffusion pocket right up here, so if you put a headlamp in there, you get a nice diffused light With this pocket here there are attachment points on the inside where you can hang gear

And, all in all just a lot of space inside the tent, convenience with those two doors as well I put the rain fly on the tent and the material here is 30 D nylon rip stop It is very light-weight, but also durable with that rip stop And this is technically what I would consider the back door The vestibule back here is a little bit smaller than the vestibule on the other side, but you have the convenience of two vestibules

As I talked about before, kind of a back door to store your gear and a front door to enter and exit The other side vestibule does have a little ventilation So you can open that up from the inside It is really convenient And both sides will roll back

So I have this side rolled back just to show the ventilation here You can roll back the other side So if you have a nice sunny day like today, you can roll back all four sides of the vestibule and have really good ventilation with this breathable mesh The are two plastic clips on the inside of the rain fly and they match up with the pole ends of the brow pole that goes along the top of the tent So it clips on there really easily

And Marmot uses a little red tap, so that you can orient the rain fly the right time every time And it is really easy What I do when I have the rain fly I find those two red ends, those two red pieces and I match them up with the red tabs on the tent So the rain fly is not symmetrical So the red tabs are on the front side of the tent and they match up with the front side of the tent body

The zipper on the rain fly has a nice storm flap in front of the zipper So protects from rain and wind The other side of the vestibule does have a vent So you have got a lot of breathability, a lot of ventilation there And since you can roll back both sides, on a nice sunny day like this you can roll back both sides of the rain fly and have a lot of cross ventilation

When you set up the rain fly there is really convenient clips And what I normally do is I put the rain fly on top of the tent and I find the Velcro tabs on the inside and I attach those first and that way you can have a good set up and then I attach all the clips But the clips in general here are really simple and stream lined and they are easy to use They are also very light weight You also have a reflective guy out points on this tent

So it is really easy to find it at night if you are using a flashlight And there are lots of guy out points on the tent And Mar-mot doesn’t include stakes and guy out lines for every single one of those points, but they give you enough to stake out the tent really well So if you are in some windy weather and you know you are going to have some nasty weather, I might suggest getting a couple of extra stakes and a couple of extra guy out lines if you know you are going to want to use all of them With the innovative pole structure that gives a lot of livability inside the tent, the light weight, but very durable materials, this is a perfect back packing tent for your next adventure

It is the Marmot Force Two Person Tent

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