Marmot Force 3P 3-Season Backpacking Tent

Spacious enough for three backpackers, ultra lightweight and very easy to pitch, the Marmot Force Three Person Tent is a great ultra light option for backpacking, camping or any adventure The first thing I want to talk about is the pole construction and the very unique design that Marmot has put into the Force tents

You have got a couple of different poles here They are durable, but ultra lightweight DAC NFL poles They are aluminum so you have a lot of durability there And here on the head and on the foot you have a dome pole that really provides a nice box around your head and around your feet While you are laying in the tent, instead of an A frame style tent that, you know, cuts down on space at the head and the foot and in the corners, these dome style poles are going to open up those corners and allow for a comfortable

comfortably three people to sleep in there The long ridge pole here extends out past the ends of the tent and that provides a lot more livability So, again, that kind of unusable space at the foot and at the head opens up and creates a lot more space

And that also cuts down on rubbing up against the inside of the tent as you are sleeping Sometimes if you are the head of your sleeping bag or the foot of your sleeping bag rubs up against the side wall you get a lot of condensation that comes in

And that really cuts down on that problem You also have this ridge pole right here and that brings the side walls of the tent up to be a lot more vertical So the people that are sleeping on the outsides of the tent, the tend walls don’t come in and eat into that space They really have a lot of room there So it is a true three person tent

You have a lot of sprawling room for two campers or backpackers, but with three traditional 20 inch wide sleeping pads you can definitely have three back packers comfortably fit inside this tent The materials on the tent are also very lightweight The floor you have got 90 D nylon rip stop And that is completely water proof and seam taped Up here you have sort of a bathtub style floor so a little bit of protection from splashes and that is 30 D nylon rip stop

And then up here in the mesh you have a lot of breathability So most of the tent here is mesh That keeps the weight down, but is also improves on breezes and breathability with the tent That is 15 D no-see-um mesh, very light weight there The zipper here is also a very lightweight zipper, but the doors open to be really big

So there is a door on this side, another door on the other side So it makes it easy in and out You have basically a front door and a back door so you can either at night if you need to get out of the tent, it makes it really easy You don’t have to crawl over the other people And nice open D shaped doors

If I roll back the door I want to point out you have jingle free zipper cords here So at night if it is windy you are not going to be woken up by that And you have a toggle here on both doors You can really open that up really wide It is easy to get gear in and out

But the overall livability in here is really great for an ultra lightweight back packing tent You have got a nice pocket here on this side, on the other side So this would be where you would put your head in the tent That side is the foot You also have a really nice pocket here on either side

And that is kind of a diffusion panel So if you put your headlight up in there, it diffuses the light and makes a really good light for inside the tent And you have two of those, so for two head lamps There are attachment points here on the top so you can attach gear if you like And the overall space inside this tent is really great for an ultra light weight tent

There is definitely room enough for three back packers and their gear We have got the rain fly on the tent and I want to mention that if you purchase a foot print separately, it is not included with the tent, but the foot print can pitch with the poles and the rain fly for either a fast pitch set up, if you need to quickly set it up and then put the tent body underneath Or you can leave the tent body behind and have a really, really ultra light weight set up So it adds a lot of value to this tent But with the rain fly you have a full coverage rain fly here

You are protected from the elements You have 40 D nylon rip stop fabric So it is very light weight But with the rip stop you have durability Marmot actually includes a little panel that if there were any rips or tears in the rain fly you could repair it on the spot

So that adds value as well I have got the door rolled back on the front part of the vestibule here You can also roll back this side of the vestibule So on a nice sunny day like today, you can roll back both sides and have a lot of cross ventilation here in the tent If you do need to batten every-thing down and have the zipper closed, you have a nice storm flap in front of this zipper

You also have ventilation here on both sides You can access this vent from the inside of the tent So if you just have a light rain and you want to have that vent open, you can open it up But if you need to batten it down, you can do that from the inside Along with the ventilation, you have down at the foot and at the head of the tent, you can pitch out the rain fly to have a little bit more ventilation

So that just adds breathability to this tent But really good coverage here with this rain fly There are a lot of guy out points all around this tent You have some reflected guy out points so if you need to find your tent at night with the headlamp, it is really easy to spot And Marmot doesn’t give stakes and guy out lines for every single guide out point on this tent, but they include enough that you can stake out the tent really well

So if you know you are going to be in really windy conditions or going to get into some nasty weather and you want to stake out all those points, you should bring some extras with you I have been really impressed by the Marmot Force tents There is a lot of livability in here for such an ultra lightweight tent With the pole construction you have a lot of that livability It is are really innovative design

And the full coverage rain fly, the ultra light yet durable materials make this a great option for two or three backpackers who are looking for a lightweight tent that is going to give them a lot of protection It is the Marmot Force Three Person Tent

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