Mix And Match Grey and Yellow Bedroom Ideas Theme

A very dynamic mix of colors is a mixture of yellow and gray, this color combination seems to mean a sense of peace of calm in a success of happiness and glory.

This is the color philosophy found in the color between yellow and gray. Many ways to decorate your bedroom with a mixture of these two colors. As you can add pillowcases or bed linen with a choice of yellow.

Simple mix color bedroom

The gray room wall is decorated with white flowers with additional book shelves.

# Light Yellow on The Walls and Bed in Gray

This room looks very modern, the color selection between the wall and the bed, as well as bed linen floral designs window designs that reinforce the impression of modern.

# Simple Elegant Bedroom

Bedrooms with simple decorations according to the theme in this article are bedroom decor with gray and yellow colors, the gray bedroom walls white and yellow pillows enough to give a bright color to your bed decor.

# Add stickers on the wall behind the bed

Adding wallpaper stickers on the wall with a combination of gray and yellow colors will add to your sleep room is quite bright and a beautiful color combination. You can copy this method to change the color theme on your bed.

# Grey bed with yellow pillow case