How to Mix High and Low in Your Living Room to Make it looks impressive ?

Combining highs and lows to decorate your interior will be a nice idea. Use your creativity to make it looks impressive by mixing and matching concept.

Mixing high and low in the living room is a fun thing. There are so many things you can do to mix high and low but the thing is that, make sure the furniture and the things you put there is suitable and proper. If you do it right, it will evoke nice and cool interior design. With extraordinary idea, this high and low idea seems to be impressive. How can it be? Take a look at some ideas below.

The first thing to mix the highs and lows in your living room is to accessorize it with some small yet cute things. In this living room, you can see there are some things such as flower vase in white color with pink flowers, books, and statue placed on the cabinets. On the wall above it, there is an abstract black painting.

Cozy small living room design
This living room has unique design. On the wall, there is one ornament shaped “&” made of wooden. Not only that, to make it more beautiful and attractive, there is a light cream sofa below the ornament. On the corner, near sofa, there is a stand lamp with black cover.

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In this room, we can see that the wall is painted using dark grey color. It is combined with white color to create not so striking contrast. Besides, you can also find fireplace and orange chair near the fireplace. There is also stand lamp with the same color next to the fireplace and behind the chair.



Mirror above sofa
Do you think having mirror above the sofa is good? Yes, it is. In the high area, put a mirror but make sure the shape isn’t rectangular with sofa located under the mirror. For book lovers, you can also mount a high book shelf next to the mirror.

Foot furniture
This idea is very unique and attractive. How come? In the white wall, you can see there are so many frames. And those frames are with some pictures or paintings. The accent of the room is sharpened by the sofas in dark green or emerald color, and red color. Very charming!

Mix and match
Mix and match related to mixing all aspects of the room with something rare. In this room, you can see there is a light green sofa. The sofa isn’t luxurious but comfortable. In front of the sofa, there are two small wooden tables. The table can be used to place your cup of tea, or glass of orange juice and books. You can also put a vase.
Mix with colorful carpet to make it more impressive. Across the sofa, there is a small single sofa in dark brown color and there is small chair in black color. To evoke modern touch, locate a wall mount book shelf.



Living room artwork walls
This is very artistic. On the wall, there are two big paintings on black colors. The first painting is animal painting and the second one is a face, but not a full face. They’re abstract paintings. Below the paintings, there is a light grey sofa with black pillows.

Living room mix
This is the mix of a living room. The wall isn’t plain; instead they’re decorated and shaped. On the decorated wall, there is a TV set and two racks. The racks are used to place flower vase, books, and other accessories. There are one sofa, two chairs, and one coffee table. Between the chairs, there is one table made of stone with stand lamp.
Mixing and matching the highs and lows in the living room is nothing but fun activity that can be done based on your creativity. As long as you know what to do, the idea will always come to you.