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Modern Glamorous Bedroom

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What is modern glam decor?

Modern glam stems from Hollywood Regency decor, which got its start in Old Hollywood during the Art Deco period. It mixes and matches styles including Art Deco, Greek Revival and romantic, curvy furniture from the Victorian era.

Glam style is all about amplifying the shine of its metallic accents – wall and floor mirrors as well as mirrored accent furniture are must-haves for their light refracting capabilities. Lucite and lacquer also make an appearance on coffee tables and small decor pieces for their reflective, sleek surfaces.

Instant Ways to Make Your Home More Glamorous

  • Layer with Sheepskin. Throwing one of our Veruca sheepskin furs over a chair (or an ottoman or coffee table—feel free to get creative) is a simple steer that’ll instantly elevate your home.
  • Choose Custom Fabrics.
  • Puddle Your Drapes.
  • Invest in a Chandelier.
  • More Than One Mirror.

Choosing a glamorous bedroom scheme allows you to be really adventurous with the design. Go all out with rich colours and patterns and be brave with a daring theme that will turn your current bedroom into something really special.

Whether your tastes are dark and moody, or you prefer an all-white backdrop, or even a colourful scheme, there is a way to incorporate your tastes into a glamorous bedroom.

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