Big Agnes Fly Creek 1 Platinum Backpacking Tent

Built specifically for the back packer looking to shed any and all extraneous weight, the Big Agnes Fly Creek 1 Platinum weighs in at just one pound six ounces despite being a truly free standing shelter We are going to take a closer look at how Big Agnes pulls that off

I am going to start by taking off the rain fly and having a closer look at the tent body it-self I have removed the rain fly so we can have a clean look at the interior of the tent or the tent body Focus here, again, remains on ultra light weight construction, on doing away with any extraneous weight So you have got an extremely streamlined profile here Were you don’t need tent, you don’t have tent

So there are some cutaways there from what you might expect or are used to seeing in other back packing tents As far as the size is concerned, there certainly is enough room here for a single sleeper You have got 86 inches of length, which is plenty of room You have got 42 inches of width at the head of the tent or there at the door That is where it is at its widest

It does taper away at the feet as it can, again with weight savings in mind You have got silicon treated nylon rip stop floor and obviously ample mesh construction throughout the tent Keeps the weight down, but also gives it great breathability and helps to fight the build up of condensation Something I want to speak to here on the side of the tent so you can see what looks like a bit of sag here on the tent Definitely want to call out the fact that when you have got the rain fly on the tent, there are actually some connection points here on the tent body that clip into the underside of that rain fly and open up that tent body

It is not the most sprawling interior of the tent If that is what you are looking for in a tent, there is a different design out there for you But definitely want to show the fact that there is a little more livability in there than might first appear with just a quick, quick glance at this tent body As you would expect on a tent like the Fly Creek 1 Platinum, you are also utilizing ultra light weight pole construction as well So you have got DAC feather light NFL aluminum poles

Still a sturdy aluminum, but certainly a smaller diameter and, again, ultra light weight It may look like there is multiple poles in play, but there is not It is just a single hubbed pole, so it radiates out from that point to the front corners and the rear corner It does give it free standing design Certainly you are going got want to stake the corners to get

to maximize the leg room at the bottom, but you wouldn’t have to You have got free standing structure even if you haven’t done that I always stake out my back packing tents, period, unless there is some specific reason why the surface just won’t allow it

There are 11 J stakes included with the tent so you get premium but, again, ultra light weight stakes, so you can do that That is also enough to utilize some of the guy out points

As far as connecting the tent body to the poles is concerned, again, you have got really light weight, really easy to use hardware And that includes an overhead connection point here that gives you that maximum peak height of 38 inches A lot of tapering going on here to save weight So that overhead peak height really only exists at that single point and starts to drop away from that point You have got that single door

It is not huge, but definitely enough of an entry way for a solo back packer A couple of other things to mention here on the inner tent body You do have a small overhead mesh pocket that is built right into the tent, so a nice little spot to stash a head-lamp or any other small items that you might want to quickly put hands on during the night There are also integrated gear loft loops on the inside of the tent It does not come with a gear loft, but Big Agnes does sell the triangle gear loft separately and that would be the appropriate gear loft to use for this tent to get even more overhead storage

Also want to point out that all of the seams on the tent body are seam taped So despite that ultra light weight construction you do have some bolstered weather protection in addition to the rain fly As you can see, I have put the rain fly back on to the tent so we can take a closer look at it It is a silicon treated nylon rip stop fly So, again, key focus here is keeping weight to a minimum and delivering on an ultra light weight tent

You do need to stake out the front corners, so in doing so you will create a five point five square foot vestibule So you have got some gear storage in front of that door There are guy out points at various placements on the rain fly So if you are expecting windy conditions or you just want as taught a pitch as possible, you certainly can guide out the fly This reflective guy line on the tent is a nice little feature if you think about going away from the tent and coming back to it in low light conditions or at night

That reflectively is picked up by a head lamp and you can quickly identify a tent or just make sure that you aren’t tripping over the guide line as you make your way around the camp site Big Agnes does offer a Fly Creek 1 footprint It is certainly worth considering investing in that You have got an ultra light weight design That is going to bolster the durability of the floor of that tent

It also adds in some versatility If you have got the foot print you can use it with just the fly, just the poles and go even lighter in weight You can drive the weight on this all the way down to just one pound one ounce if you really need to go even lighter If you use it in its traditional set up, in the Big Agnes Fly Creek 1 Platinum, you have got a truly free standing shelter with a compact pack size and a weight of just one pound six ounces

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