Cool 45 Ideas-Tips Simple Small Kids Bedroom for Girls and Boys

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Simple Minimalist Small Bedroom Design – Designed small bedroom does not have a wide space is one thing that is difficult, difficult. Designing small bedrooms not only make the interior design to save space, but also combine style with a spacious room decor resulting balance and beauty. This of course requires careful planning and a touch of good art.

Yeah right, if you don’t have a vast land for your bedroom then it doesn’t mean you have to give up getting a comfortable yet elegant design. Selection of appropriate design and a good setup in decorating the bedroom can provide comfort and beauty for your bedroom, spacious bedroom even though you are limited.

In designing a small-sized bedroom, then all is just about tricks create the illusion of broader, space saving, and furniture for storage your stuff with creative design
Add too much color in the bedroom which has limited land will give the effect of more small!

Use Good Lighting

Good lighting is one of the aspects that are important if you want to make your bedroom a limited size becomes more pleasant and beautiful to be seen. Try to remove parts of a dark room with fine lighting using light naturally through glass Windows or using lights.

Design and Minimalist Bedroom Decor Girls

Have the girls automatically makes you want to maintain the privacy of your children well. Especially when moving on up, then you better give your girls room that can keep her privacy. For those new to first learned to sleep on its own certainly will feel fear and did not dare to sleep alone. However if you are decorating the bedroom of your daughter with minimalist decor and design that he liked, then your child will feel welcome in his room decorated in accordance with his wishes.

Design and minimalist decor is very suitable for embedded in your daughter’s bedroom. No need to use designs with intricate details, decorations that make comfortable with simple design will make your child’s first steps to sleep alone will become easier.

Tips on Decorating Bedrooms Girls

Some of the following tips may be helpful to you in realizing a dream room your little girl grows up. The first tip does not mean girls pink color. Pink has always been identified with the girls, but not all of the girls have a taste of the same color. Paint the wall a minimalist bedrooms girl with its preferred color, but choose a bright color so that it can give the impression in your child’s bedroom. Decorate the room in accordance with their favorite color, your daughter will be expected to enjoy playing and resting in their room.

The second tip is simple furniture. Now an awful lot of room set for sale is indeed intended for girls with diverse characters. The furniture is also very simple, consisting of beds, the closet even the desk study with a simple design. You can use the room minimalist bedroom sets for girls in accordance with your child’s favorite characters. Such characters are booming is a character the movie Frozen figures or Barbie. Guaranteed minimalist bedrooms for girls you will be more colorful.

Minimalist bedroom design concept of boys

Same thing with girls, boy’s room also needs to be adapted to the character of the child. You can find minimalist bedroom concept to boys in the internet or in your interior design books as one of the source reference design fruit of your heart. You can make your child’s bedroom is based on a specific theme of your child’s favorite theme, as a forest and adventures, the theme of outer space, underwater theme, the theme of their favorite cartoons and so on.

Involve your children to choose their own bedrooms concept, this will make the child feel has a role in devising and designing bedrooms so that more appreciate the cleanliness and comfort of the bedrooms themselves. After learning the concept of minimalist bedroom boy to suit his taste and desire, then the next step is to execute the bedroom with some tips that are important to note.

Tips for designing bedroom boys.

To be paid attention in designing the bedroom boys is an element of comfort to your hearts in the fruit in the room. What if your heart fruit bedroom does not have enough space for their work. As is known, the boys need a little more space for their relief work, play and do some kinds of things. You can follow the following tips to make your bedroom a minimalist boys you become more spacious and large.

You can design your child’s bed above so that the space underneath can be used as a playroom that relief. The stairs leading to the bed you can design the shape of the drawer can be used as a storage area for goods. With such a minimalist bedroom design boys you’ll have space to more relief where they work.

Bed level you can also take advantage of if you have two boys, whereas you don’t have enough room to give them more privacy. Design your child’s level beds with drawers underneath for storage of the goods and their toys. With multi-functional level, you could save a room so that it becomes more relieved for them creativity.

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