SK Telecom and Hyundai Livart partner up to create world′s first ′smart furnitur

Smart homes are one of the most promising areas in the internet-of-things in which everything we touch and interact with is connected to the World Wide Web At first, companies were quick to hook up home appliances to the net but now, they′re exploring products that are not traditionally electronic like furniture Here′s our Kim Ji-yeon with this week′s Industry Insight This user looks up a recipe in front of her kitchen shelf and then checks the prices of the produce and ingredients she needs before placing a delivery order She also calls her friend to confirm a dinner appointment while uploading a message on the family board to remind them they′ll be having guests This kitchen shelf is an example of "smart furniture"

and it′s not science fiction It will be a reality in Korea early next year Korea′s largest telecommunications operator SK Telecom has partnered up with the country′s number two furniture maker Hyundai Livart

to produce "smart furniture" Available on both the iOS and Android operating systems, the devices will allow users to enjoy multimedia content from applications downloaded on a wireless network SK Telecom says it′s the first company in the world to create smart furniture

and the development is in line with its goal of providing better smart-home services "We thought that connecting the furniture most commonly used by homemakers would be a great way to expand the market of the internet-of-things because they′re mainly going to be the ones using smart-home services" SK Telecom says it wants to bring a lifestyle change by adding more functions to its devices as well as developing other kinds of furniture, including smart beds and sofas for its customers

"This is one of my personal favorites the dressing table It′s very convenient for workers like me who have to get up and rush to the office every morning I can quickly check the latest news and my schedule while I do my hair and makeup Sensors are embedded in the mirrors, which are touch screens And it′s bluetooth-enabled, so I can receive and make calls or listen to music using my smartphone

" If things pan out as SK plans, this mirror will soon allow users pick their clothes through avatars that try out various outfits in different colors on the screen SK Telecom and Hyundai Livart say they hope to sell 45 million US dollars worth of smart furniture by the year 2017 And the climate for business looks bright, due to the rising demand for smart-home devices

Data by US-based market tracker Strategy Analytics shows that the global market for smart homes will grow to more than 100 billion dollars in 2019, more than double this year′s total of 45 billion Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News

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