Supernatural season 15 release date, cast and plot


For some, it may feel as though Supernatural is ending prematurely, but its stars have been adamant that this is the right time to go out. Speaking to the crowd at VegasCon in 2019, stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki assured fans that cancelling the show was a community decision. “It wasn’t an easy decision,” Ackles said. “It was months and months, if not years of discussion… Nobody wanted to see this show fizzle out.” For them, and everyone involved with the series, ending Supernatural before it became irrelevant was important.

This sentiment has been expressed repeatedly throughout the show’s press events. At the Television Critics Association summer press tour (via TV Guide), Padalecki compared the show to a party, saying, “You don’t want to be the last person at the party, even if it’s the best party on the planet,” explaining that it’s in true Supernatural fashion to “say goodbye too soon.” Realistically, 15 seasons is a long time for any series to remain on the air, and it’s an especially long time for a group of actors to play the same roles. Regardless of the show’s success, it’s better to end things before they get bad.

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