Modern french country living room decorating ideas

French Country is not just a decorating style, but a way of thinking. On the one hand, this is a safe look, and always vintage with a bit of nostalgia. On the other hand, whatever happens. You can mix materials and textures and just have fun with that.

Let’s start with the most important room, the bedroom. What style of dream do you want? You can pass the wrought iron bed … paint a nice beige color. Or go to Sofía’s bed decorated with upholstery. Do you prefer a sleigh bed, or maybe something with a canopy? All this will work, as long as you have a closet. There is not a decent French bedroom without a closet. When I finish painting the crunch, even better. Do your best to adapt your bathroom to your personal oasis.

In the dining room, keep it friendly, the old world and the countryside. The mismatched seats are fine … Paint them the same color. Pair with wooden or metal table. Keep window care light, but enjoy a beautiful chandelier. You may want to use shutters for the nuances of the old world.
Does your kitchen have a theme? Rooster and olives are very popular in the kitchen. Bring baskets and jars to give the kitchen you feel. The kitchen table should be painted wood. It incorporates the elements of nature in the game.