Truth behind the affair that halted Meg Ryan’s career


Russell Crowe gave a rare statement about his split from Meg Ryan to Melbourne’s Herald Sun in February 2001. “Meg is a beautiful and courageous lady,” the Noah star said (via People). “I grieve the loss of her companionship, but I haven’t lost her friendship.” However, with Ryan located in the States, Crowe felt the need to stay at his cattle farm in Australia, where he could “wake up in the sun [and] walk around under the trees” (via People). Noting that his relationship with Ryan had given him “a lot of light, mate,” he added, “I can’t sustain myself through the course of the year without filling up on home, and Meg needs the same.” 

Basically, Ryan and Crowe came from two very different worlds, which made their relationship difficult to sustain in the long term. But despite being on the other side of the globe, the actor seemed to only have love and respect for Ryan — and when compared to the norm of brutal celeb breakups, that’s pretty heartwarming, to say the least.

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