Ultralight Backpacking Tents: buying options under $300


Alright guys, so I'm in the market for an ultralight backpacking tent and I'm looking at my options I checked around YouTube as I would normally do and I didn't really find any comprehensive video setting out the different choices that that I would have or anyone would have I mean I found a review here and there on the tents but nothing on the overall picture, overall options buying options on the market

So this is not going to be a video review obviously I'm just going to go over a few of the different buying choices that I uncovered in my research I mean I did run across a bunch of videos with titles talking about lightweight tents only to find out that they were weighing three three-and-a-half, four pounds or something like that Guys that's not lightweight I mean maybe it was at some point, but not anymore, not for you know backpacking tent for sure

So here's the parameters of this video number 1: I'm looking for a fully enclosed tent, so I'm not talking about a tarp, I'm not talking about top of the ground cloth or a hammock system or a bivy tent or anything like that Number 2: it's got to weigh two pounds or less, 32 ounces or less, and that's trail weight so everything you're going to need to carry on the trail including the stakes Number 3: we're looking at one man solo tents, and number 4 we're going to keep it to tents that are three hundred dollars or less So I know there's there's some really, really lightweight that are you know way more than $300 but we're going to keep it to our budget of $300 So let's go ahead and take it from the heaviest down to the lightest

Alright so up first is the Sierra Design Flashlight 1UL is the 2015 version not the 2014 They made 2015 version a little bit lighter and it's yellow and the 2014 model is green it took me a little while to figure that out but it's a it's a two trekking poll design, it's 90 inches long interior these are all interior dimensions I'm going to give, 90 x 32 and then the 32 tapers down to 28 at the foot box so it's got 19 square feet again interior dimensions I'm not going to talk about square feet in the vestibule or anything like that and the trail weight is going to be right around 33 or 34 ounces so I'm already going a hair over my limit that i told you about of two pounds, so they call this a hybrid tent because the the flap overlaps a little bit on the on the on the netting but to me basically it's a single wall tent and the price of 225 Alright so next is the marmot nitro uses one trekking poll, dimensions of 86 inches by 40 inches and it's got 21 square feet interior and it's right at 32 ounces on the trail weight The cost on it is 199

Next up you've got the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL-1 and this is a really nice freestanding, mostly freestanding, double wall tent with a trail weight also right at 32 ounces dimensions are 86 inches by 40 inches and then tapers down to 32 inches at the foot box So basically this is the most roomy of the tents we're going to look at with 22 square feet interior you can get these right now on amazon and on moose jaw for 240 dollars and that's a pretty good value for this tent Big Agnes makes quality products for sure Next up is the Nemo Hornet, and i really like this one I'm leaning towards getting this one if anyone has comments on any of these tents but especially the name of Hornet i would really like to hear it very similar to the fly creek it is freestanding double-wall also 32 ounces dimensions are almost the same 87 inches by 40 inches and that tapers to 31 inches at the foot the big feature the reason i prefer this one over the flight creek is that it's got a side entry on the Hornet I used to have a big agnes fly creek I think it was the UL three and it was a nice tent don't get me wrong but the entrance on the the end at the head was really cumbersome and so I would look forward to this side entry on the nemo Hornet

It's good looking to same price as the fly creek at two hundred forty dollars and then there's this Nemo Blaze and I don't understand this maybe someone can help me out but it's the same weight 32-ounce trail weight as the Hornet, but it's smaller and costs more so that doesn't make a lot of sense to me and it's the same company, Nemo I've tried to look at, tried to look at the specs and figure figure out what's what their, I don't know maybe it's a newer version, but if it's the same weight smaller and cost more I mean that doesn't make up a whole lot of sense to me So I would stick with the with the Hornet next we're going to look at the six moon lunar solo alright and this is a single wall tent, trekking pole tent, quite large 90 inches by 48 inches and a weight of 24 ounces However, there's nothing included with this tent There's no stakes included there's no pole that's fine but there's not even seam seal is included so on top of the 24 ounces you got to add what about 3 ounces or even 4 ounces worth of stakes and it brings you up to a trail weight of 27 – 28 ounces

The price is $215 if you want it seam sealed you got to add thirty dollars so that's that's up to $245 plus whatever you want to spend on stakes and you can get some expensive ones if you really want to so $245 plus stakes single-wall you know I'm not not too sure if I want to take the plunge onto a single wall tent it does cut you're cut your ounces down quite a bit So next we're going to look at the Tarptent Pro trail ok and this is got a it's a single wall tent as well and it's got a weight of 26

26 ounces, and I contacted the company Tarptent and it includes stakes with the purchase and that 26 ounces is supposed to also include the weight of the stakes so you're pretty much looking at you know a 26 – 27 ounce trail weight It's pretty roomy it's got 21 square feet Dimensions are similar to the other ones – it's a little shorter though, it's 84 inches x 42 inches wide and then the 42 inches tapers down to 30 inches at the foot but that 84 inches i know it doesn't sound like a lot but I'm six foot two and i'm a little concerned about that

So this costs $225 also is not seam sealed If you want them to do it thirty dollars brings you up to $255 Last but not least, well actually maybe least when you talk about the the space, but we're going to talk about the Tarptent Notch – really good-looking tent 27 ounces with the stakes it's a double wall ok which I really like it's a two trekking pole set up but it's small ok 84 inches long x 32 wide and that's 32 is in the widest spot and it tapers down they don't tell you two what it tapers but 84 x 32 and 32 is the widest I think right in the middle and so therefore it's only got 15 2 square feet of room inside this tent and I don't know I'm a little worried about that being too small it is $285 without the seam seal and goes up over 300 with if you're going to have them do it, so those are really good weights by the Tarptent on the Notch, but you're giving up space and I'm not sure I would really like to get in it to see and if anyone has it, let me know if a guy you know six-foot-two is going to be able to fit comfortably in it

But yeah, that's what you have, go ahead and if any of these you know piqued your interest in research it more This is just a general overview I'm really leaning towards the Nemo Hornet, and in second place would be the Big Agnes both of them are two hundred forty dollars right now which i think is a is a pretty good value and both are basically right at two pounds on the trail wait so let me know what you think guys, happy trails!

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