WandaVision release date, cast and plot


Believe it or not, even after playing a pivotal role in four films, Wanda Maximoff has yet to be called “Scarlet Witch” out loud in the MCU. It’s an easy fact to overlook, since Marvel’s sprawling cinemascape has so many characters to keep track of, many of whom have multiple aliases. But throughout all of her appearances thus far, Wanda has always been referred to by her given name, not her codename. In Marvel’s marketing materials and merchandise, she’s “Scarlet Witch,” but in the films, she’s mostly just “Wanda.” 

However, if Elizabeth Olsen’s comments at SDCC are any indication, she will finally officially receive her codename in WandaVision, along with an explanation for exactly why she goes by that moniker. Chances are, it has something to do with her immense, potentially reality-shifting, magic-like powers, and the color of the energy she manipulates with her hands. But even though the origin of her code name seems rather obvious to anyone paying even casual attention, it will still be nice to get explicit confirmation of her name and its meaning within the MCU itself. 

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