Best Water Bottle With Filter for Travel

Ultimate Outdoor Travel Bottle | Includes (1) Microbiological Filter | American Made 100 Gallon Filter | Removes 99.9999% Bacteria, Virus, Cysts, Lead, Chromium 6, Fluoride & More | 27 OZ | Frosted

Why You Need Water Bottles Filter for Travel-With these, you are basically carrying around a tiny water treatment plant. You can filter out that weird taste that may or may not be bacteria, and continually provide yourself with safe, tasty water. With some filters, you can even safely drink from natural freshwater sources.

If you’re traveling, or even out on a day hike not wanting to carry tons of water, you’ll want a purifier. It works on a microscopic level to cleanse your water of nasty bacteria. Purifiers rid your water of all 3 pathogens. Meaning you don’t get struck down by Montezumas Revenge in Mexico… or its international cousins found in other parts of the world. And, frankly, UV light doesn’t truly purify your water, by removing stuff like lead from your drinking water.

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