What’s going on with Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello?


When Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello first met 2014, he was just starting out in the industry and she was still a member of Fifth Harmony, which is how they both ended up performing as opening acts for Austin Mahone’s Live On Tour. However, a romance wasn’t immediately in the stars for the pair— in fact, Cabello dated Mahone that same year.

In 2019 Cabello talked about touring with Mendes during a conversation for V magazine, telling him, “I remember I wanted to hang out with you, but you were always on the tour bus, just learning guitar.”

In turn, Mendes recalled, “You were the only person that talked to me. Like, you were the only one of everybody on that tour who would say words to me.” He then revealed what he first thought about Cabello when they met, saying, “I also thought you were crazy. Insane. … I thought you were out of your mind. I’d be in my bus where no one could see me. I’d be looking through the window and I’d see you like, flying around on a scooter and jumping and doing cartwheels. I’d be like, she’s insane.” Cabello’s particularly quirky side certainly seems to have left a lasting impression on Mendes.

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