White for Living Room Wall—Modernity Mixes Simplicity

Window walls for living room

White living room is not as boring as people think. In the right hand, white looks impressively modern and simple. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Have you ever considered having white wall in your living room? While too many people think white wall is just too plain and boring, you can show them that white can also be impressive. In the right hand, white wall can be a really great idea that evokes modern concept without too striking treatment. You can mix and match the white color with some contrast furniture in your living room. As your references, here are several white living room ideas to inspire you.

Bursts of color in a white living room In this living room, it’s seen that the white wall is accessorized and balanced with yellow sofa. Not only that, there are some colorful furniture such as brown coffee table, brown drawer, and light brown Chinese lamp. There are pictures on the wall with colorful frames like red, yellow, and dark blue.

This living room is different from the first one. This living room looks traditional but not old fashioned and boring. There are some rustic furniture such as cupboard, wooden framed mirror on the wall, lamps on the wall and fireplace.

Chevron black white carpet To make the white wall not boring and old fashioned, you can accessorize the living room using black and white zigzag carpet. It’s like a rug. Put a glass coffee table and electric blue sofa. The existence of contrasting wall paint also gives nice ambience to the room.

White Vibrant Interior Your white wall needs proper combination to make it impressive to the eyes. Instead of having white ceramic floor, wooden floor will work well to balance with the white wall. About the furniture, white sofa with brown wooden drawer looks good. They blend well to make a new concept of the room.

Colorful carpet for tiny living room To add a little bit sparks in your white living room, you can try to put colorful carpet in your living room. Put a light grey sofa on the left side and if you have a piano or keyboard, place it on the right side. The black color will make the white wall contrast.

White walls swedish chairs The next idea for a white wall room is to put Swedish chairs. The chairs have black and white pattern like zebra or zigzag pattern. Unique stand lamp with branches makes the room appears more alive. It will not be too striking as the white wall balances it all.

Kilim carpet for living room Do you ever think of using Kilim carpet? The carpet is like Arabian carpet but it’s not as luxurious as Arabian carpet. On the carpet, put a black coffee table and also some sofas in different colors such as light grey, orange, and orange.

Window walls for living room Another thing you can do to make your white wall living room more alive is to have large and big windows. It’s like bi-folding doors or windows. So, there is natural scenery from the outside and the white wall will not look plain. In the middle of the room, put some chairs and sofas in brown and light grey colors. It’s good idea to put a coffee table in the middle of sofas and chairs.

Swedish design attic This design is very unique and antique. If you have living room or family room in the attic, this design is very suitable. The white wall attic room will turn into something new. Put white sofa in the corner of the room and then add a statue on the left side and standing lamp on the right. Not only that, add a round mirror above the sofa.

It is not impossible to turn your white living room into more alive and beautiful. With the right treatment, white wall will look impressive as long as you can find the right combination. Invest your money on high quality painting or exclusive carpet to balance the white wall. Without too much effort, you create a nice appearance inside the living room.