Why we’ve had 3 actors play Spider-Man in 10 years


With The Amazing Spider-Man reboot hitting theaters just five years after Spider-Man 3, many were skeptical about how well the film would be received. And as it turns out, that skepticism proved prophetic, as the film underperformed on nearly every level. One heavy criticism was the film’s decision to retell Spider-Man’s origin story, nearly beat for beat, just a decade after Spider-Man did it. By spending much of the running time on a story the audience already knew, the movie wasted its chance to do something new and exciting. Criticism was also leveled at the film over its changes to character and plot. Rather than being an awkward nerd, Garfield’s Peter Parker was depicted as being too cool for school. A skateboarder who disrespects authority and cockily stands up to — and even bullies — Flash Thompson, the character simply didn’t feel or act like Parker to many fans.

Changes to the story were also criticized. A new plot line was added that made the death of Peter’s father part of a vague conspiracy, and it helped drive Peter’s motivations. But since Peter still had the traditional motivation of Uncle Ben’s death, this additional dead father figure narrative only served to convolute the story.

Ultimately, these story missteps and character changes hurt the film’s bottom line. Its worldwide box office gross of $757.9 million, while still an impressive number, was the lowest of the franchise up to that point. But things were about to get worse. A lot worse.

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