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Yellow Kitchen Dark Cabinets

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Yellow looks terrific against natural, unpolished timbers and even oak veneers as seen in this Scandinavian-inspired kitchen by ​We Are Papilio based in Somerset, England. The mustardy coloring matches the wood cabinetry while offsetting the stainless countertops.

When it comes to bold colors, the kitchen is the one place in a home you do not have to play it safe. A relevant instance is this charming example by interior designer, Heide Hendricks from Sharon, Connecticut. The cooking space conveys happiness thanks to a brilliant shade of maple gold. We just love how the energizing hue plays up the soapstone countertop.

yellow kitchen dark cabinets
Assess your place and look for a contrasting colouring to add some life-a few strategically placed items with red or orange, or maybe a rosy, happy hue can easily punch up a room.

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